I have burrowed myself deep within the walls of my family, a hibernation of some sorts, I suppose. It's been really cozy in here and really good for us. And in the shifting and adjusting many positive changes have come about that I know we are all really excited and happy about. I totally speak for all of us, well because I'm the boss. Really, Jacob is, like most 4 year olds are, but he doesn't know how to spell, so I will do it.

We have surfaced and have grown in so many ways.

I will let those most excited share their most important news.

Our family of 5, will be expanding to a family of 6 very soon. And I realize my children look like they are in drugs in these pictures. I was getting ready to repose them and retake the pics while they laughed and laughed at their captured images. But then I realized the last laugh will be from me, because once their new baby sister graces us with her presence, this is how they will look on a daily basis for a little while, and it won't be too funny then, to anyone....but maybe me, in my lack of sleep induced delirium.

Yes. My uterus is now a hotel room for another little girl. Andy and I will now have a boy sandwich, made from sassy girl bread. This is going to be our last....so help me.

She should make her debut in the very beginning of May. Her older brothers birthday is the 4th, so if she could steer clear of that day, that would be super cool of her, because I don't think it will be awesome to them if they share a birthday. But see, this wouldn't surprise me either...the universe has only worked this way with us, so we will prepare for this, by not preparing, because this is how we evidently need to roll.

So needless to say, I have been nothing short of comatose in the past 23.5 weeks. They say women are in their prime around age 35. Not so sure that is referring to also being pregnant and having 3 additional children. I have been passing the days of this prime time, with well, sleeping. This broad ain't what she used to be, that is for sure. So if you feel left out, or if you feel like you thought maybe I had died, or moved to Mexico, I assure you, I have been right here. My energy and focus goes into my little family, and in my downtime, I can be found in a horizontal position with drool pouring out the side of my mouth. So my sincerest apologies...I still think of you, and wonder what you are doing and how you are, and how lucky you are to have the energy to do the things you are doing. You are my hero. I am here, with my growing belly, watching Andy on most days, taking on my role and his.

I will indulge in the joys of pregnancy at 36, which is old according to all the tests I get done, at another time. Right now I need another bowl of cocoa puffs.

But this lady, she's just had it. Too old for this nonsense....sometimes I concur.