Here I Go Again...

Its for reals.
You may not even like it.
You may say the world was a better place with her random mouth shut.

I decided my mind was a better place to live when I wrote.
It help me smile about my kids instead of want to run the opposite direction pretending they were not mine.

So with my mind made up and too many stories to tell, I was like, ok well here I go again...

And immediately White Snakes, 'Here I Go Again,' pops into my head.

Thats right, I am still the same person underneath and over a year later.
Don't you go worrying about, or perhaps hoping for a change.
'Here I go again on my own. Goin' down the only road I've ever known.'
Its going to be in my head all.day.long. Yours too, with flashes of men with long teased out hair and lycra pants. Why did people think this was hot? Can someone tell me how one might look in the mirror and think that perhaps they look awesome?

Rambling starts tomorrow.

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