It's Game Day

And in typical girl fashion...


Punkin Picking

This weekend we ventured to a local farm to pick our own, as Kendall and Ethan both say, 'punkins.' Kendall loved roaming through the field in search of her favorite one, but was also quite courteous and kept saying, 'lets find one for you too Mommy.' So we thought we had 2, and we were ready to trek back up to the stand to have ours weighed, when from behind Kendall was pushing and rolling a pumpkin up the path. We turned to get her and she said, 'here is my punkin.' So of course we had to add a third pumpkin to the loot. Our beasts weighed in at 37 pounds.

We then were off to get on the hayride, which we were told was 30 minutes. I immediately became nervous about Ethan and was convinced that I would be getting off the ride way out in the middle of the 100 acre farm and have to trek back with him, because in times of distress, Ethan only wants his Mama. (yeah, real cute)

But surprisingly after telling me, 'no,' he didn't want to go on, he did, and he loved it. The tractor pulled us so slowly, but this was ideal for him because it wasn't scary. Kendall also loved this ride. She in fact loved the entire experience, giving us a hard time with leaving. At one point I said to her, ok Kendall, we are all leaving you can stay here I guess, thinking she was going to screech and run after me, she says,' ok Mommy, you can come get me later. '

I also was able to experience my first port a potty moment with our potty training little girl. She told me she had to go, so we entered the potty. I was trying to make it as quick as possible because I would rather be in pain than use a port a potty. So I get her ready and say, 'Ok Kendall, Mommy is going to hold you over the potty, just go.' Of course she says, 'Oh no Mommy, I can't pee pee not sitting on potty!!!!!' So, yeah, I get to clean a port a potty with wipes, sanitizer, and a make shift potty liner out of toilet paper. 'I not sit on paper Mommy.' And that is where I drew the line. 'Kendall you sit on this paper or you will get so sick that you won't be able to be Cinderella for Halloween!' Done. So we get out of the port a potty, finally, and she notices the line of potties. 'Hey let's see all these Mommy!' Uh no, thanks. I understand the novelty of potties and bathrooms when first potty training, but port a potties? You're on your own kid. I told her they were all occupied and quickly led her away. Ok, so two lies in the span of 10 minutes, I think given the situation, they are forgivable.

But we got Pumpkins!!

New Game

Dearest Daddy,

I have made a new game for you, all by myself. It's called
'Find the Piggy.'

See this Piggy, this one right here?

You need to find him every single day when you get home from work, me and my sidekick, well mostly me because I am bossy, will hide it high, bc Mommy can reach real high, or low because Ethan can climb under things that Mommy thinks are too little for him, and then you find it. So you see, it is fun, right?

this is what you will look like when you try and find things

Come Home Soon,


Den-dall (how E-bee says my name)
Kendall Anne! (how you yell my name)


Where Kendall Lives

Little Grown Ups

I LOVE this picture of Kendall, Ethan, & Brynnie.

I think they look as if they are engaging in a grown ups conversation that is making them all laugh...

I love how Ethan's tails of his shirt are a little untucked and how Brynnie is leaning like she is telling the most hilarious of stories, and Ethan is leaning in grabbing his ear like he is really trying to listen, while Kendall is just stands there grabbing at the latest gossip.

Must Have

Recommended Music to invest in because I am going to soon... alright, alright, I will wait until after my birthday to induldge.

Josh Radin: Simple Times
Have you seen and heard this dude? Love Him.

and along the same lines...

Jack Johnson's new one: Sleep Through the Static
This one is a good one, similar to all his others. It makes you want to jump into a hammock with your babies and lover and swing in the breeze...really it is that good of music.

One of our Sweet Angels


On the Way to Cape May...

So this is what we will be doing this weekend. It is my cousin Ashley's wedding and my sisters and I are bridesmaids...

This is what I will be wearing on my hand...

It is my Mom Mom Lyons' ring. She gave me this ring before she fell ill. The pearl was something my Pop Pop bought/found on one of their many vacations, and gave it to her in a box at dinner one night. Upon their return, he told her to pick a setting to have it placed in. She said she picked a box shape because I think she thought it looked different but also to remember how it was given to her, in a box. I remember always going through her jewelry box, she had so much jewelry and loved to wear it. I picked up the ring and she said, 'oh everyone thinks that ring is just so ugly, but I like it.' I said that I liked it too, and she said to me, 'well you can have it, just take care of it.' And so I have.
I think of my grandparents often, but most especially on days like tomorrow. This is the only thing I have of hers, besides wedding pictures my Pop Pop gave me, and I like to wear it on special occasions like this. It's like a piece of her is there. She was full of laughter and loud like me and many who knew her at my age say that I resemble her. I wish she could be with us tomorrow to be with our entire family and its continual growth. I also wish that Pop Pop could be there, the last wedding he attended before passing away, was mine, I am thankful for him being there, but wish he could be at all the others. I know that their memory will be there, and I know that they will be thought of often tomorrow, and I am thankful for this pearl in a box that will be there with me.


Wednesday Night Scenes from a Bath!

Kendall is becoming a creature of habit and taking notice and verbally telling us when something is not the same. Que last night's dinner. Kendall, Ethan, and I sat down to eat, and Kendall looks to her right and exclaims, "WHERE IS DADDY!?!?!?' Because the four of us sit at the table and eat dinner together and since there was only 3 of us and not 4 of us, this was just not right. I explained to her that Daddy was at a hockey game with Sarah, Emily, and Baby Dominic's Daddies, and that none of the Daddies were home for dinner. 'He come home and eat dinner with us,' she asked. I told her not tonight, tomorrow night though Daddy will be home and eat dinner with us. This caused her eyes to well and she cried out, 'I want Daddy to come home!!!' I thought that she would not eat her dinner, and then came up with the fabulous idea that during bath time we can pretend that we are in a BIG swimming pool, and Mommy will take silly pictures. This is the new thing they really enjoy, being silly in pictures and then looking at them and laughing their heads off. She quickly finished her dinner, and we raced upstairs for bath time. I was soaked by the end of it, but they were tired and ready to snuggle by the time jammies were put on, and I got some really cute pics.
And tonight, Daddy will be home for dinner. :)

Kendall and her "Cwazy Hair!"

'Mommy take a picture of me weal close to my nose.'

One of Kendall's many talents.

' I will make a weal cwazy face, and den you let me see it!'

'Ebee, you make a silly face for Mommy!'

Cute and also bruised bottoms, I suppose when there isn't

the diaper to cushion a fall, a bottom can look like this.

Capturing his height, that is going to keep going, and going up to the sky!

'I SEE!!!!!'

'I make a mad face.'

Shaking dry