Our Beautiful Day

We have been truly spoiled this week in regards to the weather. Spring has arrived and we love it! The kids and I have spent most of our days outside running around in our crocs, flip flops, tees, and crop pants. Today was the best day of the week so far and tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer, do I dare dress them in shorts?. All the windows were open, the sun again shining so bright! I almost didn't mind that Ethan only took an hours nap today. (argh)

Today we had breakfast and walked, well I walked, they wagoned it, on the trails to the 'castle park,' as Kendall likes to call it. We met our friends there and the time flew by. I looked at my watch and could not believe it was lunch time already! Ethan of course still is terrified of the swings. Some say, well perhaps he doesn't like that feeling in his tummy. Perhaps. But I rock him everday and not only that if you could see how his daddy whips him around and throws him in the air Ethan laughing hysterically the entire time, you might think differently and be as puzzled as me. Then there are some that say, well he is afraid of heights. But then sit him on the highest of slides, and he will go down all by himself. Ethan just doesn't like swings. Alright fine. I won't torture him anymore. But I loved the swings and Kendall loves to go so very high, and yells, 'under dog, mommy, under dog, HIGHER, HIGHER!' She is very brave in regards to almost everything. She will try everything at least once.

I forgot the sunscreen. Didn't even think once about it until about 10 minutes before we left, way too late. Their cheeks have now been christened by the sun. A healthy look that in fact isn't very healthy at all. So I got some new sunscreen tonight at good old Target, and placed it in the back pack.

photos were taken after dinner, and after some really yummy oreos!

Kendall has been giving me a hard time about bathtime all week. She begs me each night not to give her one, and then cries and cries while in it. Not sure what is going on there. There are no visible boo-boo's anywhere on her body, so I think this might be a phase. But playing outside all day leaves them oh so dirty, so I endure the crying for 5 minutes while I scrub her down. We are just about to go upstairs for a bath now. I have given her some notice, and of course, she said, 'no thanks, mommy.' At least she has some manners.

Tomorrow we have a playdate with some new friends, and Kendall and I are going to make some chocolate chip cookies after E goes to bed to bring, and we also just purchased some new sidewalk chalk to share with them as well. (also, of course purchased at Target, was there shopping done before Target, I can't remember, I love it there, there and Gap and Old Navy online, they have suckered me in)

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