Anyone have some Salsa?

So I am upstairs straightening up, the children and Stanley are downstairs playing in the playroom, ah good morning.

Kendall yells up, 'Hey Mommy, we made a sandbox!'
I reply, 'That's Awesome!'
They are using their imagination splendidly and are pretending they are in a sandbox of course.
A few minutes go by.
Ethan yells up, 'Mommy, Stanwey eatin sandbox!'
Alarms sounding.
I run downstairs.
Turns out a bag of tortilla chips that was left downstairs has been crunched up by tiny feet to resemble sand. Even more awesome.

Stanley got a morning treat out of it.

I raced him upstairs, I don't want tortilla chip poop to clean up and vacuumed it up as the two of them stood watching me, crying their eyes out.

What a mean, mean Mommy I am.

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