Bacon is 4.

You know life, it happens.
This I believe is the perpetual fate of the third and youngest child.
Oh Jacob Have I loved, please forgive your mama.
It doesn't mean you're not my favorite, it just has to look this way so the others don't find out.

Talking about my youngest is just so easy, I don't know why I procrastinate.
Kid is smarter then me. I have to give him credit. He is going to be my Power of Attorney someday. Please my darling, Jakey Mikes, it has nothing to do with you, and its me being overwhelmed with the season, you unfortunately were born in it. I will make it up to you. You can pick the kinds of cereal we get next time we go food shopping.

Without further ado, this kid, my BAAAABY, turned 4 in May. I don't know why or how this happened. 4 on the 4th. He had a Super Hero Picnic with all his real life Super Heroes, who are also his uncles and Pop , and us girls could tag along, after some convincing and maybe a bribe. So we all wore some Super Hero tees and looked like those tourists in Disney World of the same family in their family themed shirts. I have no doubt this will be my family someday, no I'm not kidding. But this time it was just a trial run and we went to the Big Wheel Park in our matching attire, where Jake rode his scooter and weaved in and out of kids wobbling on their bikes, because dude as skills. And I apparently am his jaded mother who other mom's whisper about. "Can you believe she just lets her kid rip through here and make my Daphne more nervous on her Barbie Bike with training wheels and ribbons off her handle bars with her entire body covered in padding and helmets!!?!?!? The nerve of her, they need to be banned from Safety Town!!!" Look, your kid didn't fall off her 18 inches from the ground bike, and Jake totally stopped and let her pass before he and his scooter leaped from the roof of the bank.

This is life with Jake.
Always, always something, and always an adventure.

My Mom...the mother of only girls...in horror: Melissa, you do realize he is jumping on and off the cart while you are in movement, correct???
Me: Uh huh, just don't put anything under the cart, he likes to body surf from there after this gets old.

He was my buddy this past school year.
I loved that time with him while the older went to school.
Sure, some days I am sure he was bored out of his mind, but I was with him, and he filled my tank as much as I did his.

He is a blond headed, blue eyed, skinny and tall, force to be reckoned with.
He is the oldest child with the youngest age.
He is constantly looking out for every one of us, and every thing.
His eyes will not rest at night until everyone is taken care of. And for this I owe him all my adoration.
'Mommy!!! Your coffee cup is on the roof of the car!!!'
'Mommy!!! Ethan isn't buckled yet, hold on!!'
'Dendall!! Here is your hair brush!!!'
'Et-an! Don't forget your homework!'
'Mama!!! Lily got outside, I will go get her, don't shut the door!! Wait here!!'

He is very level headed and very black and white.
He is quick witted and sometimes has a feisty temper.
He loves big.
He is quick to admire all things awesome big boys do and love the camaraderie he has formed with my 'big boy' cousins.

He is athletic.
Kid just is.
He picked up his big brothers scooter at 2 and raced around with the handles above his head.
He wallops at a baseball.
He dribbles soccer balls all over the yard.
And the basketball hoop hanging on the back of his bedroom door?
Don't even play. He makes shots from across the room.
I was never athletic, so to watch someone be this is fascinating to me.
He lives in a petri dish, and I study him all day sometimes.

His laugh is infectious. When he laughs he can turn anyone's day brighter.

Jake ADORES his big brother.
I mean this guy is his favorite person.
Sure. They scrap like all brothers do, and probably always will, but their bond is melding together and I love watching this take place.
I mean come on, who doesn't enjoy a good choke hold every once in awhile?

When asked or about to do something, I see the jump start, and then the stall follows...
'What is E-tan doing?'
'What is E-tan eating?'
'Is E-tan getting dressed?'
'Is E-tan going?
 And sure, this can probably get really annoying to an older sibling, but that's why its really cool to have Ethan as your big brother. So far, he has taken this in stride and doesn't let it affect him. We will see once he has formed a close group of buddies and Jake is the tag a long, but for now having a shadow is the norm for him. I dig him. A lot. If I were to choose to have had a brother, I would certainly choose Ethan. Jake is mighty fortunate.

This kid is going to go to school. To school in the fall. Preschool, but that's enough to send me right on over the edge. I am going to sit in the parking lot on the first day and just cry. For the whole 2.5 hours. You think I am joking, no, not in the slightest.

I  love him.
I love him with everything a Mama has.
I am so blessed to have had him as my baby.

And pretty damn awesome to say the least.

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