Monday, Monday

I actually write this on tuesday morning bright and early as Kendall curls up next to me complaining that her tummy is sore. A fun day with Daddy off from work and Mommy even getting a nap ended yucky. I should have known while taking my first nap in ages that this was a sign of things to come.

As I was giving Ethan his bottle in his room I hear Andy start yelling franitcally for me. I deposit Ethan in his bed and go into our room to find Kendall leaning over Andy throwing up. Complete panic because I am deathly afraid of stomach viruses. I hate throwing up I acually still cry when I do it. So I command Andy to the shower, strip Kendall, put her in there with Andy, and then race around stripping sheets and blankets and throwing them into the washer at warp speed. When everyone is wrapped up and cozy in my bed again, I jump in the shower with it as hot as I can stand it hoping I am killing germs.
She made it through the night. Although she is up early than usual. So I hope it was just some fluke thing.

I will get it, not matter how much I bleach. That is just the way. I just don't want Ethan to get it.

The weekend was fun though, we went to Ryan's Birthday Party, where this disease was most likely contracted since there were a ton of kids in a small space playing. However, Kendall & Ethan seemed to really enjoy playing with their cousins. The pic to the left is E & Ry they are 6 weeks apart. Kendall was in her glory when her prince arrived, (Eddie, my sister Meghan's boyfriend), and when he left, spent the evening racing around in circles with Marlaina, Brynn, & Molly.
Sunday was its usual going to church and hanging out at my parents.
And yesterday we went to breakfast with MomMomMom, Andy took Kendall to play at our neighbor's house, her BFF Sarah , and later we went over for some take out and more playtime.
So it was a great weekend, until the barf incident.
But as I finish this, she is clapping along to the Diego theme song...so perhaps the worst is over, now I just get to go around and obsessively clean all surfaces today. Good Times.

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