Kendall has begun asking, Why? This started on Friday and has produced no signs of ceasing. On Saturday morning, as I was attempting to get her dressed, the conversation went like this:
M: Kendall, please come up here so you can get dressed.
K: Why?
M: Because we are going to Mom Mom & Pop Pops.
K: Why?
M: Because Mommy is bored.
K: Why?
M: Because Daddy isn't home.
K: Why?
M: Because he is at Bruno's Bachelor Party.
K: Why?
M: Because he is the best man and Bruno and Heather are
getting married.
K: Why?
M: Because that is what you do when you love each other
a lot.
K: Why?
M: Because that is the way God designed it.
K: Oh, he designed it?
M: Yes! Now please get up here and get ready.
K: Why?
M: I told you why, now move it!

I have been trying to just adjust to these multiple why questions with each conversation I have with her and be patient keeping in mind that this is how she is going to figure out some things, but man, does it drive me crazy!

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