Mix Tape Monday

Our Monday Mix DJ for this week is in honor of a very special guest in our home that came Thanksgiving morn', Freddie the Elf. Good old Freddie came to us for the first time last year, Aidan, Molly, and Brynn's elf, Magic, knew that Freddie was looking for a place to work over the holiday seasons so he recommended our home.

Freddie comes from the North Pole and you can read all about him in The Elf on the Shelf book. Every morning he is in a new hiding spot in our house and we all get to find him. At night, when we are all fast asleep he flies home with all the other elves and reports back to Santa if Kendall and Ethan and all the other children have been good or not that day. There are a few rules in regards to Freddie, which Kendall will review for us at another time. But so far he has been a warmly welcomed guest. Freddie will leave on Christmas Eve when Santa comes. He will jump on Santa's sleigh and head back to the North Pole until next year, but if we have been really great hosts, he leaves us a gift.

Here he is in today's hiding spot!

To honor Freddie's return to our casa, and to celebrate the commemorative event of opening the first door on the advent calendar, here is some Christmas cheer. Some songs that we get down to around the holidays. There was so many we love, it was so hard, but here are those that made the cut.

We realize that #11 is a bit strange, and pardon the name of the group, but their singing is so terrible it is funny, even Kendall and E laughed.

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  1. we've been enjoying freddie's mix tape this morning.

  2. oh good. i wanted to tell you that Kendall and I were looking at your blog and she was looking at the kids and asking who they were, and then she asked if all of you could come over and play. i told her that would be a pretty exspensive play date and that I don't think they would make it home by the time their daddy got home from work, but maybe someday.

  3. Ask her if she'll wait till summer. We should be around in July.