So this past weekend Andy's college friend, the last from a tight group of guys, married. Todd was the stereotypical self-proclaimed bachelor until he met his love, Mandi.(Que Barry Manilow song, I know, it is stuck in my head every time we talk about her, it is Todd's ring tone for when she calls as well.) Todd lived with his parents until just this past weekend, and the amount of girls he 'dated,' was record worthy. Finally he has settled, and he deserves her as much as she deserves him. We are so grateful for this wonderful lady, as we wondered if this day would ever come.

If you are not familiar with Andy's closest friends from college, here is the basics, well of course from my point of view, this is my blog. There is Kyle, who is pretty much the tie that binds, over the years he has kept the circle intact and has kept communication even as 3 of them each are 2 hours away from each other, and the other is in Washington. Kyle is funny, well at least 75% of the time, if you ask me. Sometimes his humor reminds me of a 9 year old boy, like this weekend, when he kept repeating, "awkward," in this voice that drove me nuts, and once he finds out it drives you nuts, it happens over and over and over again. On occasion, like this weekend, I have been known to yell at 9 year old Kyle and want to put him in time out, but then he will say something absolutely ridiculous and you forget what you were going to say in the first place. Kyle has a very patient wife, Kristi, and 2 children, Mia & Micah. My adoration of toddler boys just grew this weekend while playing with Micah. Oh how I love being a Mommy to a boy, you have to have one to know. Micah is very similar to Ethan, and is just a cute, solid, food shoving in mouth, monster.

Then there is Josh. How do I explain Josh? Chris Farley comes to mind quite often, well without the crazy drug taking and all. I really think he should get out of the apple sales and become a comedian. He can make you laugh all of the time. The things he does are just hysterical. His face is one of those faces you can just read and know that he is making the most hysterical commentary of a situation at hand in his head. But beyond being just plain silly, Josh is kind and genuine, the makings of a good friend, I'd say. Josh lives in Washington state with his wife Emily and their two girls Hailey and Violet.

Then there is Todd. Todd just fits into this group of fools. Todd is typically always game for whatever, and I know that he is the perfect audience for Josh and Kyle since he pretty much laughs at whatever they do. Todd, although one of the oldest, has taken on the little brother role of the group, ( I mean this kid can whine and be difficult until you give in or body slam him, like no other, )and it was fittingly so that all of them supported him on his wedding day.

Then there is my dear lover Andy. Andy is just bossy, and so he probably made them be his friends. Really though. Andy is outspoken, a loyal friend, and really good at soccer, and these boys played soccer, so why not have the best player on the team be one of your best friends, it can only help, right?

So the wedding weekend begins Friday Morning, when we arrive we go to the place to pick up the tuxes, this is what happened:

Josh modeling the awesomely fitting tuxes.

None of them were correct, just a little stressful right? To add to this the lady was that sickly sweet calm calling the boys, "Mr. Andy," or "Mr. Miller." I mean really lady, just get the right sizes and call it in. I realize that we are in Montoursville and things really aren't up to speed there, but given the option of having tuxes not fit would leave these gentleman walking down the aisle in jeans and a tee shirt, and I think they would be fine with that. Just get it done.

So then by the time this fiasco is over it is time to get ready for the rehearsal. Rehearsal goes fine. There were some comments from the hen house, which I got to be vocal about, but that is expected, I mean we have been in or gone to a trazillion weddings. (My Definition of a Hen in this context, one of the soccer boys wives, because when we are together we cluck, cluck, cluck away loudly at each other and at the boys)

Oh I guess I should mention that we did not bring Kendall and Ethan, technically they were not invited, I guess in a pinch they could have come, but when the invite arrived with just Mr. & Mrs. Fink on it, I was more than willing to comply. So my parents came up and watched them at our house. Lovely.

I love my kids, but there is nothing more tension inducing then children away from home attending wedding festivities. Everything has to be planned precisely so that they behave and do not go into fits of rage in a public setting. Nearly impossible.(you can refer to previous blog entries when we have had to do this)

Kyle, with Micah, proving my point.

Mia was the Flower Girl, and what a perfect Flower Girl she was and if anyone is wondering, and wanted my opinion, 3 1/2 and up is the best Flower Girl age.

There was 20 people in the wedding party, 22, if you count Mandi and Todd. That is huge. But typical for these guys. We all had huge wedding parties. It is as if the guys think that if some of their closest friends are sitting in the pew and not standing up next to them that the marriage is destined to fail, or that their friendships will just end. And I know, it is nice that they are so tight, but really it does make for a lot of rowdiness, and there was, if you were wondering.

Some of the boys, behaving.

The morning of the wedding there was a slight crisis when Mandi called Todd to say that she got charged for all the hotel rooms that were not used by the guests, because she had reserved them. All turned out just fine, the only reason I mention this is because as Todd is on the phone with the girl that he eventually made cry, he says, "Listen, I know people, and if you don't fix this, I am going to make this bad for your business, I mean real bad." As if he is the mayor of Williamsport. If you know Todd, this would crack you up even more.

On to the ceremony. Which I loved. I love Christmas weddings. Attention to my sisters, Kendall, any future daughters and granddaughters: this is a good idea, I can really make it all decorated fantastic. This wedding was just that, perfect decorating, subtle, but still, 'tis the season.

All was going well until this chick:

Passed out during the ceremony. I can write this because she doesn't read my blog, she doesn't even really know me. But as luck would have it, she was Andy's partner. I mean she went down. It was during a song was being sung, and the pianist even said afterwards, 'I was thinking the entire time, is this alright to be playing the piano with a girl passed out on the floor in front of it?' I mean how embarrassing, right?

Oh she recovered by the way, and walked down the aisle for the recessional and was later spotted on the dance floor, dancing, not passed out. But I just heard today she is in the hospital,
and that is terrible. But it still happened, I have to mention it, she walked with my husband for goodness sake, its noteworthy,I am terrible. Get Well wishes.

The reception was so nice in a lodge type setting, fireplaces and all. Josh made everyone laugh with his dance moves, and Kyle decided to dance a lot, even if that meant dancing with his wife, and a group of children, and Todd's 80 year old grandmother.

In typical fashion, the guys heard the wings were good from the bar on the other side, so they decided mid ceremony to get 3 plates of them and bring them over to chow on.

So it was a fun wedding weekend. Once again, I cannot believe Todd is married, but he is and he is getting a Christmas card addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Westphal this year.

Did I mention it was FREEZING? It was, but it was perfect for Mandi, who had the perfect reason to show off this wintry cape, enhancing the beautiful bride she was, while exiting the church to a candle lit path to her awaiting trolley.

There is no Mix Tape Monday this week, as you can see, I was a bit preoccupied.

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