50 & Fabulous

I am sure it is not this way for my parents, but I feel as though they age slowly, not that I want them to age quickly, but over this past week they will both turn 50. Yes, that is all, 50. They may think that they are old, but Oprah says that 50 is the new 30. I feel like she says that every time she reaches a new decade. She acts like she is embracing this new found age, like no one else has ever turned 60 the way she will turn 60. When in reality she is grasping at ways to make this new age, hip. When she is about to reach this new milestone her shows will evolve around women who do not look their age, some new fangled exercise that will make you do a back bend like a 15 year old, a new hair-do, she will dance on stage with Tina Turner again, or Dr. Oz will come on and tell her just how long she is going to live, which last time I tuned in was like 120. I mean and let's just face it, Oprah is the Dali Lama to many women. Sometimes I even find myself saying things that Oprah has said, and one of my greatest wishes is to be in the audience when Oprah is listing off her Favorite Things, admit it, you would too. And you know as well as I do, Barack Obama owes a lot to Oprah. An example would be that if Oprah said that the best ice cream in the world is Rocky Road, I guarantee the sales of Rocky Road would sky rocket, that's all I am going to say about that.

So with all that in mind, and according to Oprah, 50, is nothing, your life it just beginning. I suppose this is how it has been my entire life, most of my peers had parents that were much older than mine. I am the oldest child, and was born when my parents were 19. So when I turn 50, my parents will only be turning 70. In many cases, I feel like I am aging faster than them, like at some point, I may just pass them.

My parents also have birthdays 4 days apart, and for as long as I can remember we always celebrated their birthdays together. And so when I was little, I thought that once you were married your birthday became a shared day, and I remember thinking, I am never getting married, who would want to share a birthday? No other singular married person's birthday registered to me, but my parents at that point. Soon it began to become a little clearer to me, but I still thought, no way would I marry someone who had a birthday close to mine. Birthdays have and always will have some magical, self-centered ideal to them to me. I mean ask Andy, an entire week is set aside to let the birthday person reign over the house, so how can that possibly happen if you have a birthday so close to someone else's you live with? Same with having your birthday so close to Christmas, those unfortunate people, you always get the shaft. My poor parents. For this reason I married Andy, his birthday is in March. Ok, so it wasn't one of the top reasons, you got me, but definitely in the Top 5...ok, but it was a perk.

My sisters and I had a dinner on Saturday night for our immediate family, and then we had a dessert and wine party for extended family after that, all to celebrate our Mom and Dad's birthdays. I did all of this while having a stomach bug, so I can just about guarantee that some of our lucky guests will have gone home with that party favor. Andy opened his yesterday, and let me tell you, he can attest to it, best party favor yet, it lasts 24 hours. UPDATE: To this moment, 2 more people have opened theirs, congratulations, and thanks for coming to the party.

I suspect a good time was had by all, and if not, at least they got some good wine and desserts out of it. Which by the way, Amy will have to post her recipe for that cheesecake thing she made because it was all the rave. I offered Kendall a piece, and she said to me, 'Mommy, I already ate dinner, I not want grilled cheese.' I suppose it might have looked like a grilled cheese sandwich, but I can assure you, did not taste like it.

Speaking of them, I think that Kendall and Ethan had a good time. They love being with their cousins. Quite a few times I spotted Kendall and Brynnie zipping up to the table to grab a chocolate covered pretzel stick. So they for sure had some sugar highs, and an extreme low, when this activity was flagged by Brynnie's mean Daddy, Uncle Tim, what a party pooper. No, 4 is not enough, it's a dessert party for crying out loud.There was mention of some games they were playing by Kendall on Sunday while driving to church. I couldn't make sense of any of them she was talking about, so I can only imagine it was games the older kids made up to boss the others around. It always feels good to have someone listen to every instruction you are giving them, and in return to receive the attention of an older and clearly much cooler and wiser cousin.

Ethan is a happy clam whenever any activity is centered around or involving his Pop. Pop is for sure his best friend. So since this party was for Pop, Ethan was in full birthday party mode. On the side, it is worth mentioning, if within 24 hours we are going to be seeing Pop, I will dangle this prospect over Ethan's head for motivation, incentive, and yes, bribary, and let me tell you it works, and I am all over that. i.e.,'Ethan, don't forget we are going to see Pop. Now you know he wouldn't like if he knew you were sitting on top of Kendall diabling her airway, get up, or I will tell him.' Instantly he is up and Kendall's face loses that blueish shade, it's so wonderful.

This is Aunt Nancy. While on the subject of looking fabulous at any age, this woman might out do Oprah, since her skinny, (60 year old), tight, I might also add, butt can rock a pair 7 jeans like it's nobody's business. Back onto the party, I noticed when she arrived that the security tag from the store she purchased her super cute blazer from was still attached to the side of it. After informing her that shop lifiting is a crime, even in today's economy, this became hilarious as she paraded around the house showing everyone. But this became even more hilarious after all the ladies had consumed their wine...you have no idea how funny family picture taking can be when the woman wearing the security tag has had 4 glasses of wine and is posing you in the most obscure sibling pics of all time as if you were The Partridge Family.
Today is my Mom's Birthday and she says she is celebrating this by doing nothing. Could you imagine taking that statement literally? How boring 50 might be. But I doubt that will be the case, 5 bucks says my Dad brings home crab cakes for dinner.

So Happy Birthday Mom and Dad. 50 never looked better.

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  1. Yes she had crab cakes for her birthday and she loved them.Dad