Warning to all you Nose Pickers...

This could happen to you.

Be Safe. Don't pick your nose.

A Public Service Announcement from Ethan.


  1. once it starts, sometimes it doesn't stop. Selah gets gushing nosebleeds whenever she gets bumped or she sneezes. It's those early nosepicking days back to haunt her.

  2. my nose hurts and i feel like i might throw up... just because I looked at this picture. awesome.

    poor guy.

  3. I showed this to the girls to see what they would say and maybe scare Molly out of her nose picking ways. Her reply was " Why doesn't he just wipe it?" No big deal, par for the course I guess. Brynn simply said "Him not smiling" I guess even with blood pouring out your nostril you should still say cheese for the camera right??

  4. I love that you stopped and took a picture of his bleeding nose.

    I would do the exact same thing...

  5. those are the things you have to take pictures of! i love photos like that.