Mt. Hood

I promise, I promise, new post coming, updates, ultrasound picture of some frank and beans instead of a hamburger, so on and so forth. I have been brought to post to raise awareness and prayer for a college friend of Andy and I. I have mentioned recently on facebook that Katie is a girl with a gentle spirit, a love and devotion to the Lord that is admireable,a drive and determination to do what is just, a caring heart, and a person that is filled with adventure. The woman she has become is no doubt exactly who she is supposed to be. I can remember seeing her at a wedding a year or so ago with her hair knotted in this dreadlock mess, but she was beautiful, and you know me, I marched right on up to her and blurted out, 'you are the only person that I have even looked at with dreads and thought, that looks really good!' She laughed and said, 'well it really cuts down on the whole hair maintenace thing.' You know me, just blunt like that.

If you don't know by now, Katie is one of the hikers that is missing on Mt. Hood. I, like many others I know, are always searching for updates, praying for weather changes, and a miracle. The best sources I have found have been provided through a local oregon website, as well as her friend Amy's blog that she just started. As you will see in pics, Amy was a close friend of Katie's, and my heart goes out to each of them that held Katie close. I can only imagine the heart wrenching emotions her family and close friends are experiencing. If you can, pray for them. Pray for Katie and Anthony. Pray that no matter what their situation may be, that they are feeling the Lord's warm embrace. Pray for the hiker and friend that was with them that lost his life. Pray for Luke's family. It is starting to seem as though he may have been going for help. Pray for those searching for them. Pray for their endurance, pray that they are kept safe and warm, and pray that they are led in the right direction.

Here are the links to the websites you can follow:



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  1. Melissa I will continue to pray for them and their families. Thanks for the links for updates.