A Bright Idea

Sometimes I get me an idea. Now I cannot always promise you that these might be novel ideas. Sometimes when I spout out an idea I do get a strange look in response, or that raised eyebrow, or a flat out lie that it is a great idea, but you see that person is never around past the blurting out of the idea to see it into fruition with me. Sometimes I even hate my own ideas once I start doing them, and I am completely honest with myself, a very blunt person, if you didn't gather that already. And you see I get me an idea like cleaning out the basement storage closets on a random day. But let's be honest,  I mean who really cares? Who is going in there besides me? Clearly, what is in there you do not really need or it would be out. But here I am and it is 7 months from Christmas and I am in no need of a string of lights and I am surrounded by Tupperware crates, furniture, garland, and soccer trophies that coat the floor and reach to the ceiling of the basement. Kids digging through things like they are long lost treasures, almost suffocating themselves in clothes that we hold on to even though they don't fit anyone anymore. And then there is a meltdown, someone got their head stuck in a ski boot and the another one as got himself stuck in the sleeping bag zipper. I take one look around decide what I might need next in the order of things and I shove it all back in, leaving the things that I need next, until last, and do the hip bang until the door finally latches.

Clearly a bad idea. There is no such thing as an organized anything when you have 3 small children to take care of. And that is just the way it is, you all can just get right over it if you think that is a poor excuse. Come on over, I dare you to accomplish anything other then what is necessary and get it down with efficiency and with all 3 sets of eyes dry and smiling.

Oh but there are some ideas that I think are some good ones and they usually involve a party. I have been thinking about this particular party for awhile now and next year I am going to go ahead and do it. It got its test run at Jake's Birthday Party to see how many people would actually find some enjoyment in it, and there were many. It's time to raise the stakes.

You see I love big hats. I love mint juleps and I love big hats. I think it is time. And I thank the Duke of Sasquatchington for being born right around a time when these two things are in prime season for we can disguise it as a Birthday Party also. Nope, not an Easter Egg Hunt, we did that, and that was fun also, will have to do that one again, but it isn't that.

A Kentucky Derby Party.
Now another blog I follow, Nie Nie, she does one. I read about her preparing for this and a party of this nature was already on my to do list, I just wasn't quite sure of all the logistics. She got it down, and certainly inspired me.

I don't even know one darn thing about horse racing. I know that for whatever reason my heart has a race of its own when I watch one. It's the anxiety surrounding it, and I am filled with that, so anything that provides me with a trigger, look out heart. I know that I like to look at the jockeys and smile at just how tiny they are and I get filled with some ridiculous pride about just how fortunate they are, that their size is something positive in the horse racing world. I am sure they are just thrilled with me about that. I enjoy a horses name and enjoy that they quite typically have a racing name and a normal name for around the ranch. Like when they enter the track their alter ego is released. I think track athletes should also maybe have this option.

And you know sometimes my darling husband calls me out for being random and worrying or wondering about the most bizarre things. Like for example any sport contest in general. Who in the world decided that it might be fun to get about 20 people on a field with a ball and two nets, have them race around, not being able to touch the ball with the hands, and to win you have to get the ball in the other teams net more then they in yours? And who decided that this might be something that we really need to take seriously? And who decided that we should pay people millions of dollars because they can hit a ball far with a bat? And who thought of 'off sides,' and what is that anyway? It's so annoying. And horse racing? What is the point, right?

And recently I was listening to a stand up recording of Jerry Seinfeld's in the good old van, and I was completely justified. I am not the only one out there who thinks of these random thoughts and questions things. Jerry has a lot more then even I. Here is his take on horse racing:


But I love me a good time. I love to think of ways for people to have a good time. I mean if it takes having fun around something I don't really even understand, that's completely ok. So at Jake's party, since the Derby was on this day, as a little side show I invited everyone to bring themselves some gambling money, do a little research on a horse, and participate to win big and take their mama out to breakfast the next day. We listed the horses and kept up with their changing odds. Each bet would cost you $2 because we are high rollers like that, and you were only permitted to bet 3 times. I don't know why, something about logistics and if you put in $2 on every horse you would win on some level. I really don't know, I just nodded in agreement. And it went over well, horses were picked, some by just the name, some with deep thought and strategy.

Kendall picked Derby Kitten because well kitten was in the name.
I picked Soldat because I read somewhere that the track was going to be muddy and this horse ran well in these conditions.
Ethan picked Animal Kingdom, again for the name, biggest odds, no one was picking this as a winner out there in horse racing land, except for at this party because apparently Emma also like the name and threw in her $2.
My Grandfather picked Pants on Fire, a top pick, with a top rated female jockey, and apparently that is not common.
Amy picked Twinspired because she has twins.
And it went on and on.

The race came and people gathered around the televisions, we hooted, we hollered, we couldn't hear the announcers and had no idea who had won until a few minutes after the race had ended because of all the shouting but we still shouted anyway because someone won and shouting is fun. Who was that horse that popped out of the pack, moved to the right, passed all those galloping divas, and slid right into the lead? That's right, it was Animal Kingdom. Emma and Ethan split that pot. Those that bet on this horse were big winners. I love me an underdog story.

And as I looked around, still again, obsessed with the royal wedding, I thought of one thing. Hats. The hats were missing. I want me a giant hat.

So that's, that. Next year we are having a Derby Party, and you will have to bring your $2 a horse, and ladies, you will have to come donning a hat. I don't care one bit where you get the hat. Mine will be from the Salval, and I will be decorating it on my own. You have a year to think about it. I have a year to find a mint julep recipe.

The best part of the entire race was my grandmother's rage about children winning the pot. 'Now what will they do with that money? They only picked the horse because they liked the name.' Oh I'm sorry I forgot that she mastered in horse racing and had ins with all the ranch hands. I will let you know that this same woman picked her horse by shouting out a random number, but you know, the shouting, its strategic to horse racing. I love my grandmother. If you ever wonder why I become highly passionate about the injustice of such random things, like children betting $2 on a horse race at a child's birthday party, wonder no more.

I got me some Mother's Day breakfast from the little pot winner, and he had some extra to pick out some guys from Target. All because of saying...'hmmm, I like animals, a kingdom of animals would be awesome...I pick Animal Kingdom.'

So who's in?

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  1. I'll start working on my hat!! Can't wait!! There will be a best hat contest too right??