The Nugget is One.

The Duke of Sasquatchington turned one yesterday. I am still a little obsessed with the Royal Wedding, but I do think the name fits him quite well...and yes of course I loved Kate's dress, who wouldn't? And I do have alot to say in regards to the wedding, but the Duke's birthday takes some major precedence, and this queen mum is quite proud.

I tell you someone must have pushed the fast forward button. I think the more children you have, the faster time goes. I say it all the time, I know. You are like, 'shut up already, kids grow, its what they do, get over it!' And I get it, the busier you are, the faster the time goes, you are too side tracked to notice the calendar. I understand the reality of the situation. Before I know it I will be wearing Depends yelling at Andy to turn up his hearing aid and put in his dentures because the great grand kids are coming to visit.  So just let me have my pity party, alright?

So yesterday was a day of nothingness and somethingness all in one. See it's hard to celebrate one, unless of course you have the One Year Old Birthday Bash on the actual day the child's birthday. And having a party on a Wednesday in the beginning of May for 50+ of his most adoring fans can get a little hairy. The actual party then is Saturday. A mexican fiesta if you will, for the nugget who turned uno this week. So we celebrated Jake's birthday for Kendall and E today. We decorated, we had his 'favorite' meal, we sang to him, and we let him do what he wanted to do all day. This consisted of knocking down castles, eating crayons, dumping pet food bowls after others have done said chore. It was a little overwhelming for the siblings, we hit the top of the patience meter all day long, but it was for only a day, and it is his day, and you just have to deal with him climbing up your barbie house, just pretend he is Godzilla.

But of course turning one was something for me.
 I snuggle up in his little chunkiness and breathe him in as he sleeps, since that is the only time he is still. The debate rages on as to if this is my last little baklava, and so having him come out of this baby stage is a little overwhelming for me. I still swaddle him all up in a blanket and rock him to sleep. Yes, if he is my last, I will be also doing this at the age of 10. Why do you even bother wondering?

I mean look at him all scrunched up in that baby seat that lasted all of 4 months until he grew out of it. I miss size 1 diaper bulges. And not that I am craving another body invasion at this moment, please don't mistake what I am saying. I just want him to stay little for a couple more minutes.

Isn't it funny that as we grow we still look the same when we sleep as when we were a baby? I mean Jake doesn't sleep in this jacked up position, but the face is the same. I never realized this until I watched my kids sleep, and I thought I might share this important piece of information with you.

He now sleeps through the night.
He eats what we eat.
He is now beginning to take those first steps, preferring to side step then forward march. You know, whatever gets the job done.

I love when they are learning to walk. It's similar to the first time you are on roller skates. Everything becomes your stabilizer, your balance. The wall, the car, the chair, the dog, your brother, a tree, you get the idea.

His favorite thing to play with is balls. He just found his own personal set and thinks they are just about the most fascinating thing, typical to most males. However, he is obsessed with all actual balls that are not of the human anatomy as well. And surprisingly, he gets it. It's a little bizarre. He knows where to shoot a basketball. He can play a mad game of catch. And he can bounce and catch until the cows come home, if we had cows that were going to come home.

His most favorite things are his animals, and Lillian actually tolerates him, when she swats at him he still goes in for the lovin'. He's winning her over. And he adores his brother and sister. Each time he sees them its as if they have been away for days. The excitement is completely lost on them because it just doesn't make sense to them, but he doesn't even notice. Personally, I think it's awesome to be rendered as someones most favorite person, and this is what he thinks of them. I remind them of this frequently...and Kendall gives me that look that says, 'seriously, all I did was go to take a leak and was gone maybe 2 minutes.'

He is a lover and a goof.
He is at the stage right now where he is noticing social nuances and when we laugh he mimics it, when Kendall or E cry he loves on them and pats their back, and when he does something worthy of praise, he is the first one to give himself a standing ovation encouraging everyone to do the same.

He is my joy.
His smile so sweet.
I could sit and twirl my fingers in his strawberry blond curls all day.
He is happy and it is infectious. I feel as though life is going to be awesome through his eyes.
His cheeks are munchable.
His kisses, slobber filled.
He is mine.

Nugget we love you so.
Happy 1st Birthday.
It's the 1st of many and despite my heart breaking over the entire aging process, we can't wait to spend them all with you.

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