Tuesdays Tantrum Round 2

Yo. This kid is in it to win it. In the midst of a week gone by this kid just takes the cake this time around...again. Don't think there are angels among us. The other two had themselves their fair share. The girl had a few. One of the the best ones was her overly tired, not wanting to get ready for school, and melting completely into the floor telling me that her leggings were 'not the right kind of tight' to wear under a jean skirt. Oh, my bad. I couldn't get a clear picture of this contender because the child was convulsing on the floor as if there perhaps was electric shocks coming from these leggings as well. Oh, but she went to school in those leggings and the jean skirt...I don't play. I also put on the excuse note, under the reason for tardiness: Kendall's leggings were not tight enough today. For emphasis, when writing this at the front desk, I read it aloud for said child to hear that I was writing this...needless to say leggings will never again be, 'not the right kind of tight.'

The beast also had his own. It was too dark at 3 a.m. in his room to capture the best one. This child apparently thinks its totally cool with me on occasion to scream my given by birthing name in the middle of the night. When I respond to him, face to face, as he stands completely alert in his crib,  he tells me he wants an orange Popsicle as if I am going to say...'you know what, I just woke up from a dead sleep and craved the same thing...let's go get two and turn on Disney Jr...screw sleep.'  Anyone who know me knows...you wake me up in the middle of the night you better be barfing all over the place, not asking for Popsicles. So this child was told, no, and to go back to sleep. That response was totally uncalled for, according to him, and the fit he threw was to let me know of this. This child will be in a crib until he is 16, I will just keep elongating the rails.

But this one by Ethan won out. 1. Because I captured it and 2.because as previously mentioned, the wii is about to be run over.

This weasel is obsessed with Mario Kart. For this single reason; he is good at it. He will only now play with those who are also what he deems as good at it. So Kendall, Jake, and the Mom Moms are out, as well as Aunt Meghan because according to Ethan she is not very good with video controllers or pumpkin carving. Ok, so I totally added pumpkin carving, but it's justified.

So when playing with him, you need to be totally focused and you need to play to the best of your ability...apparently these are also requirements in his contract. So you are not allowed to have conversation in between races, put the controller down, be on the phone, or rise from the couch. FOCUSED. And you NEVER EVER give the remote to Jake to have a try. Jake gives the remote back within seconds, after his request when he realizes he has no idea what he is doing, but see now you are behind, you are losing the race!!!! Ethan's meltdown as begun, and then he starts losing and, 'See, SEE!!!!! this is what happens when you don't play serious Mommy!!!!! Look, I just fell off the road and now I'm in 10th place because you gave the remote to Jake!!! Don't laugh, this is not funny, be serious and play Mommy!!!! MOMMMMMYYYYY!!!!! PLAY FOR REAL!!!!'

I'm still laughing.

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