Tuesdays Tantrum

Kids do the the darndest things don't they?
So precious and sweet. So cute and endearing.
My most favorite part about them is their ability to drop everything; every sense of rational thought and behavior. Their instinct built inside of them, just below the surface is to just melt down in any given situation or place if things just aren't going their way. The best part about it is no one is completely sure of what the triggor might be. I mean you've got your hot topics; the word 'no' is a great one. You might think, 'oh I've got these weasels down and steer clear of places and things that set my kids off.' All the best to you and your ability to have no life. Beyond that, is that these little mood suckers have their sensors on and they know just when you think you might have it together they just drop to the floor and kick and scream over not getting an icee at Target when you are leaving, which you specifically told them, upon entering Target that they were not getting today because it is 25 degrees out.

Oh but you see, my children forget my supermom power of tuning them out. We mom's can continue with phone conversations, shopping, cooking, picking out library books, standing in line at the post office all while a beast is freaking out below us. When the task is complete we can lift our child with one arm, by one warm, toss them into their seats,  and buckle them. We can then continue home singing along to the radio, to then again pick up the offending mutant by one arm again, take them into the home, while carrying all shopping bags in other arm, then drop them into their beds, closing the door behind you, without saying a word. We can then take a deep breath peek our heads back in and tell them, 'this behavior is not accepted, you are in your room because of it until further notice, and to really hit it home, there is fire coming out of our mouths and smoke out of our noses.

I will admit, give me a whole day of freak outs and tantrums by all 3 children, well at the end of the day I too am having my own tantrum, and all rational thought is out the window. You might catch me by 7 p.m. threatening them that they are never ever going to play wii again because if they don't knock it off I am going to take it outside and just run it right over. But what I have learned is that it simply does not matter what you do, say, or how great of a parent you may think you are. Children are going to tantrum all over town. The more children you have, the louder the tantrums get because they are now competing for world's best tantrumer.

But let me just give you some encouragement. If you stop and look at the tantrum and why they actually are tantrumming, it can be quite humorous. Because you cannot ever be a tantrum free home, and if you are, I think that is just plain weird, what else are you sweeping under your carpets? On occasion I can also be found reenacting the tantrum for my child to show them just how ridiculous this might be. So I will drop to the floor and start kicking and screaming because I cannot get any of the caps off the markers, telling them it's no fair and that nothing ever works for me, EVER!!!!!

I have now started photographing the best tantrums, the most ridiculous of the tantrums, because sometimes I just cannot believe a tantrum is being thrown in regards to whatever subject at hand.

A few weeks ago I posted this pic of Jake throwing a tantrum in Target. Why might he be throwing this tantrum? Oh because I wasn't parking the cart the way he wanted to park the cart in the line of carts at the store. Mmmhmmm....

Since then I have decided to make it weekly. Pick the best one of the week and share with you. I know it's Wednesday, but yesterday was a Debbie Downer kind of day for me and I didn't think that posting a tantrum sounded like fun...he guess what, I'm allowed to have them. However, my plan is to call them Tuesdays Tantrums.

And here is this weeks:

This child threw a tantrum and flung himself onto the couch because there were no more purple popsicles left. There was every other color in the rainbow, but not purple. The kicker is, he doesn't ever choose purple popsicles because he doesn't like the grape flavor. But on this particular day he wanted to try it again to see if he liked them yet, and his plan was foiled because there was not any purple ones left.

Man, I love my kids. Who wants more?

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