Gold Digger

Now I ain't say he's a gold digger.

But I think the proofs in the pudding.

This kid is like grand master champion of pickin the boogs. I mean sometimes I think he might pull out some brain matter.

Best part, well worst part for me, but maybe funniest part is when he gets a huge green one, he will cross eyes to look at it, scrunch up his nose, and go, 'ewwww, dat's gross...here Ma-yee.'

He doesn't eat them...well, yet. Maybe that will happen at 3. He is still a picky 2 year old.
So I typically reap the benefits, especially in the early morning when I am still snoozing and he is watching his shows. I can hear him somewhere in the half asleep state saying, 'here Ma-yee,' and before I know it and can open my eyes or even tell brain to move arm to catch him to stop, I have got a boogs wiped on my cheek. Now....ewwww....dat's gross.

To each his own. The focus is astonishing.

Go 'head Jake, Go 'head get down.

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