Animal Rescuers

So it seems as though animal rescuing runs in the family. For some reason we feel this huge responsibility to take on the full care of animals in need. There is a long history of this. Like the baby bunny that Mama Kitty caught that we nursed back to help after she bit into like the lioness she was, the baby robin that my mom mom brought back to life and rode on the handle bars of my bike for an entire summer before flying south, Snickers, the dog that nobody wanted, there are countless animals wild, domestic, and made domestic that have been taken in by our family. The latest obviously being Andy & Sylvia and now...Mr. Peeps.

My Dad found Mr. Peeps in his lawn on Friday took pity on this orphaned baby bird and it is now living in a basket, with a handmade nest of grass and leaves in my parents home. It is fed by syringe for its liquids and then we take either some sort of fruit or bread soaked in milk, tear it into a tiny piece and place it deep into its open mouth when it is hungry.I do not think if you came to stay at any of our homes, you would be treated with such lavishness unless you were an animal.

'You wanna lift birdie?'

We stayed at my parents from Saturday to Sunday, and of course Sylvia came along, I mean you can't leave a baby kitty at home. ;) The kids loved taking care of Mr. Peeps and were quite interested in what he was all about.

'Come and give me a kiss'

It didn't even phase Sylvia that this was a bird and that there should be some animosity between the two. She explored its basket, ate its food, and sat itself right next to it. You may say, well she is too young to know that she is supposed to hunt birds, but I assure she knows that she is not to like dogs. Poor Bridget got her nose scratched every time she came too close to Slyvie and a dog and cat fight would no sooner ensue.

Now you know you would take this baby cat in too...look how cute she is!

So we hope that Mr. Peeps makes it to his first flight. It is always touch and go with wild animals...but he seems like he just might.

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