Invasion of the Kittens

So one day last week, I am sitting at my kitchen table sipping my coffee, listening to the kids play when I hear 'uh Meliss', did you hear the kitten?' It's my neighbor Michele at my window telling me that there is a kitten in the garden and she is too afraid to go and pick it up. Me, being the sucker for lost and abandoned animals go and grab it. Sure it is a little upset, I would be too. It has been left behind by its mother, or dropped of in some foreign place and there is humans grabbing at it. I bring it in, call Mom Mom. It is a cute little black fur ball, a boy, and I can't have a boy cat in here. History has proved that when there is a dominant female cat in the house and a boy cat is presented there is spraying mania. So Mom Mom being just as much a sucker as I am instructs me to bring it over. So we pack it up and bring over the cat. Kendall is in love with this little kitten, we go through some names like Frankie, Inky, Scout, and then Mom Mom says, how about Andy? Kendall says, yeah, Andy-boy. She had not liked any of the other names, but Andy-Boy stuck. We told her that Andy was Daddy's name, so she occasionally will call the kitten, Daddy. Andy-Boy, in Mom Mom Mom's Garden
Side Note story, upon knowing Daddy's name was Andy, Kendall referred to him as Andy numerous times throughout the day. We were in Target that evening shopping and Andy was down one aisle and we were down another and Kendall asks, 'Where's Andy?' I try to cover for her and say, 'Andy the cat is at Mom Mom Mom's Kendall,' and then the human Andy comes around the corner and she says,'There he is!' And then throughout the evening she referred to Daddy as Andy every now and then much to Andy's agitation. However, it has quickly been forgotten.
So now we have this Andy cat safe and sound at Mom Mom's we go and visit it on Friday and Kendall rocks the kitten and feeds it and is just in love with it, so cute.

I am at my parents on Sunday get a phone call from Andy that Michele my neighbor wants to talk to me. She informs me that there is two kittens hiding under her grill. Great. So I feel a sense of sympathy for them, but know that they will most likely run away. So when I get home that evening, little Emily lets me know that just one of the kittens ran away and there is still one under there. So I get Mike, Michele's hubby, to lift the grill and I scoop up the kitten. It is hollering, scratching, and is super pissed and scared. I wrap it up in my shirt and take it in to my house much to Lily's extreme anger, she is hissing growling and charging me. I lift up the kitten and find it is a girl, and so she can stay the night, in my bathroom to go to the shelter in the morning. I name her Sylvia sticking to my old lady cat names, Sylvia was a person on the show Andy was watching that night as well.
Monday I get up, tend to Sylvia who is now warming up to me, and then call the shelter to find that they are closed on Mondays. Lucky for Sylvia she has one more day for me to get attached to her. So I leave a message. We take Sylvia in and out of my bathroom throughout the day and it is chaos when it happens. Kendall is screaming bc she wants to hold it, Ethan is whining bc that is what he does, Lily is going berserk, and I am ready to pull my hair out. So exasperated we end the day with human Andy coming home to bond with the kitty and to see just how much Kendall loves this kitten. She calls it Sylviwa and is very concerned for its well being. She is so interested in the care of this kitten, making sure it is fed and taken to the potty. So slowly my aversion to keeping it is melting. And then Andy says to Kendall, don't you think we should just keep her?

Next day, no one returns my call from the shelter. I lavish Lily with attention and she starts to respond to this kitten, giving it space, not hissing as much, watching it play, and letting it approach her. The kids seem better with it too, giving her her space and being a little more understanding that it is a baby. So it looks like Sylvie might be here to stay, everyone is growing attached to her and so far she has been a good cat. She has been doing her business in the litter box and will meow when she is near Lily's to go ( it is too high of an entrance for her to jump in), goes into my bathroom to sleep on the blankets i have in there for her when she has had too much, and pretty much does her own thing. She is a goofy little kitten that races around the house. She has pretty much told us that she will keep us since when we are outside playing she will come out and play in the garden and not run away. I was a little concerned about the costs that come along with a kitten in its first year, but after some research found that I can get these all done at a low cost, with the exception of front declaw....I know, I know, but it as to be done. Lily still 'claws' on furniture to this day and she doesn't have claws, it is instinctual.

So without further ado I introduce to you Kendall's cat, Sylvia, Sylvie for short.

Kendall holding her new little friend, Slyviwa, notice Lily in the background of the first one...my poor baby

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