Fall Fun

Ok , so despite not having my USB cord, I still managed to take some pics this fall and will attempt to explain our activities.

I turned 30. yuk. there were no pictures to commemorate this event since in my head I am still like 21, I have no idea how I accumulated children, a minivan, and a marriage license. Things happen so quickly.

We had and participated in the annual bizarre. Our family has been running the White Elephant Table at this bizarre for 30 years, that is a long time. It is like a giant garage sale. We go through, organize, and price people's donations, things they would sell at their garage sale if they had one. All the proceeds go to the church that my family went to, my aunt still goes there. We just cannot stop doing it, every year its the same, we complain about the same stuff, yet we all can't seem to just stop doing it. I think it is because we all are so nosey, we love to look through the piles of things, and laugh about why this person had this or that, but also it is a great place to get awesome finds. I think I have gotten a large majority of my Christmas decorations there. This year someone who must have worked at Borders donated a bunch of children's books that were never read, they cracked when you opened them. Kendall also took home a children's suitcase full of Barbies. I got some great retro items for my kitchen, and Ethan got a bunch of cars and a mat for the floor that resembles a road. The best part is, is that when next year comes along, if my kids are no longer interested in the items, I give them back. The total amount of money I spend, is worth the year of entertainment. Not only that, it is a great time for the ladies of the family to spend time together. Kendall LOVED going through all the boxes and finding treasures.She brought some dress up jewelry home, here is some big clip on earrings that are just to die for... Ethan has been growing and growing in size as well as intellectually. He is just as big as Kendall, and people all the time whisper as we pass, 'oh look at the twins!' Some people ask, but they automatically think that Ethan is older.

He is now saying bunches of words, and will repeat all words that we ask him to say.
He is so excited that we are understanding him more. He loves to read, just like his sister, although, his attention span is much smaller. That is another boy/girl difference, he likes to flip flip flip through the pages and move on to the next, so most stories are made up real quickly as we flip through at rapid pace. But of course when we get to his favorite book, The Truck Book, it is complete analyzing and focus, so funny.

Ethan loves to help. He loves to help cook, clean, help his sister make her bed, he really is a caring boy under it all. But he also is all boy and loves to rough house. I have come to the conclusion that Ethan does not know his own strength and does not understand his size and mass. He will run in to Kendall kind of with the purpose to knock into her, and she goes flying. Sometimes they think this is hilarious, sometimes it is the end of the world, and Ethan just doesn't get those differences and also the girl moods that surround this type of play. I can clearly look at Kendall and know by her presence whether or not she would like to play with Ethan, he, like most boys and also men, does not get this at all and walks right into the Lion's Den to be met by an attitude next to none and is devoured whole.

Kendall is now 2 1/2 going on 13. She told me she would like Santa to bring her some lipstick in her stocking.And just last night she told me she would like me to get her a Crock Pot so she can cook a roast also. What?!?! Her conversations are hilarious. She loves imaginative play and just last night she was mimicking me doing my chores, huffing and puffing and all. She also likes to treat Ethan as I treat Ethan, for example by saying, "I am so proud of you little buddy, good job!"

Yesterday we went to story time at the Library, it was our first time in a long time and they loved it. Ethan was dancing and 'singing,' louder than anyone. So I will have to keep up with that. Because for as fast as Ethan is growing, his attachment to his Mama is just the same. Even in all the fun he was having yesterday, every 5 minutes or less I would see him turn and squat down and look for me and when he saw me would quickly smile and go back to his activity. I know that this is endearing and that I will yearn for this when he is older, but I also don't want him to miss out on all the social activities that Kendall loves. And quite frankly, sometimes I need a break. The subject was on Dogs and the Librarian asked, 'who here has a dog?' Kendall of course raised her hand because her new friend Abby did. When the teacher asked Kendall what her dog's name was she said loudly and excitedly, "Steve!" So apparently we have a dog named Steve. I can only think that she spat out Steve because she likes to play Blue's Clues and be Steve, and this is the first name that popped into her head. I said afterwards to her, 'Kendall we don't have a dog.' and she looked at me as if she was saying, 'DUH!', and she said, "I know that Silly."


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