Introduction to our Mix Tape Monday Featured DJ

I am going to have to break this one up into 2 entries, it is a long one, but she is worth it!

Now this mix tape comes all the way from Thailand.
I will let her explain how she got there, I will just explain how I know her.

Our featured DJ this week is Cortney Kirkland. Cortney and I met 11 years ago during our first year of college in Wisconsin. Cortney and I were instant friends with our personalities being quite similar. Through our year there we learned so many things from each other, we each gained a few of our positives from the other, and got rid of some of our negatives through example from the other. Cortney was one of those people to me that I could say any random thought to, a kind of random thought that would never say out loud because it was just too silly or random, but I would say it to Cortney and she would have had the same thought and we would laugh about it for an incessantly long time. For example, when frustrated while driving wanting to just bite down on the steering wheel, I know random and strange, but Cortney has done this just like me. And those my friends, are the ties that bind.

College brings late nights and late nights bring absolute goofiness and there was many a nights that a dance party would break out, much to Joyce's dismay, with one of our mix tapes as the soundtrack. Cortney and I made mix tapes to get us through many of the strenuous activities at WWC also, like cross country skiing up and down OO like a bunch of fools, exercises classes for gym points, and dish washing. I think if I dug deep enough into my storage boxes filled with memories I would find a mix tape, they were decorated so beautifully.

As you will read and can see Cortney is an amazing woman. She has an infectious laugh, a heart that has arms open wide, an awesome sense of style, a huge desire for adventure, an ability to try something new at least once (within the law of course), and an unwavering commitment to serve the Lord no matter where or when, and for all
of this she has been rewarded 10 times over.

I can hear her laughter through this picture!

Evidence of her sense of adventure!

Without further ado, Cortney's Interview and Mix.

Happy Mix Tape Monday, or in her case Monday late night, she is 12 hours ahead!

Side Note: when looking at the pictures Kendall asked who she was, since the last time Cortney was in the States, I was pregnant with Ethan and Kendall was just coming up on a year, so she would have no recollection, and I said, that is Cortney. She replied, Cortney? Cortney from Coney Island, doesn't that sound funny mom, ha ha Cortney from Coney Island? So it seems that this quirky sense of humor has been passed on.
Now I can only hope that Kendall finds a friend like Cortney during her first year at college.


  1. yeah, me too, but in the midst of this there was a poop to clean, mouths to feed, so on and so forth.

  2. Ahhhhh....thank you so much for featuring my baby girl. As I worked in my classroom tonite, I turned up the mix and got a ton of work done (alas, no grading, though). Reading the blog was like easedropping on one of my kid's ph. conversations--without the guilt.