Mix Tape Monday

Today we are featuring
Kendall Anne Fink's
Favorite Musical Line Up.
Here are a few quick questions towards our featured deejay as to why she chose these songs out of all that we listen to on a daily basis:
Mama: Kendall, you chose a lot of princess songs, why?
Kendall: Because Princesses are pretty
M: ok, do you have a favorite princess?
K: um, Cinderella because I was in her dress at Halloween, remember Mommy, I wore make up.
M: We listen to Princess Music a lot in the van don't we?
K: Yeah, Ebee likes to sing too. You sing too Mommy, real loud!
(sidenote: Ethan is now 'singing' the prince parts in all the songs, I think he figures, I might as well join in and make the best of this, and I might as well pretend I am a broadway star since my kids aren't critics)
M:I see you chose N'Sync
K: What?
M: This silly dancing song, Mommy loved N'Sync
K: oh that's ok Mommy.
M: You like this song?
K: Yes, I dance to it all crazy
M: And a Yo Gabba Gabba song, this one is a great one
K: Yes you sing this all the time Mommy (laughter)
K: I like silly songs.
M: Me too, good pick.
M: A Backyardigans song, you don't watch them very much. Why did you pick a Backyardigan song.
K: Brynnie likes them.
M: Oh, you picked a song for Brynnie.
K: Uh huh
M: Is Brynnie your best friend?
K: Brynnie is my best cousin
M: Oh ok, I think she thinks that of you too.
K: she does.
M: And Banana Phone, you like that song?
K: That is E's favorite
M: Yeah E is a good dancer.
K: Me too, see my cool tricks?
M: Awesome!
M: I see you picked a Laurie Song, everyone loves Laurie.
K: mmm hmmm
M: but you wanted to end it early why?
K: to go back to the princess songs.
M: of course.
K: Mommy, do you hear that?
M: No, what
K: Pocahantas is on, I'll go watch it
So without further ado, Kendall's Mix Tape:

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  1. get thee to itunes and get your children "you are my little bird" by elizabeth mitchell. it's much more mother friendly than disney princesses. i'm not knockin' the princess thing, but it can cause you to lose your mind, eventually.