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My boy's bottom. I don't think there is anything cuter. I just want to pinch it. It is just perfectly plump. Is that normal to think your son's bottom is the cutest? I don't really care. I think he might later in life turn a deep shade of almost purple when he finds out I posted his cheeks on a blog, but for right now, they are just divine.

Do I normally let my children run outside with no pants on? Well even though we are somewhere in potty training land, we do not let them run outside pantless whenever they want to, nudists we are not, and you're welcome for that. This picture was taken during the week of rain where any excuse to escape outside was sought out. Talk about cabin fever. Andy had just gone outside to grab something from the car and Ethan raced to get out there with him. Fresh. Air. Must. Have It.

His bottom was bare because he was in the midst of getting dressed and I had been side tracked, most likely to find the set of keys for Andy. And Ethan loves being pantless, I am not going to go into all the man reasons behind this, but simply just acknowledge that he does not like to be held in by a diaper. So on this day I just watched as Ethan raced to the mountain of shoes, appropriately grabbed his wellies, opened the door and stepped right outside, not even showing any acknowledgement that his bottom and well, little man, was bare; he was on a mission. Andy grabbed, what else, the iphone, and snapped this cute pic. Loved it. Point one for the iphone.

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