'Victory, Victory, Let's repeat it!'

I think that was a cheer from Junior High. I was never a cheerleader but for some reason I knew all of the cheers. I think it was because my friends that were cheerleaders would repeat the cheers incessently over and over again, as though forgetting one line of some chant would bring the team to defeat.

After some blood, sweat, and tears, well actually no blood, but that is part of the line, after sweat and tears, we have reached our own victory here at home.

I will let the champion share it with you herself...

Phew, we sure are glad that is over!


  1. woo hoo! what was in the box?
    And did the candy thing at night ever work? I have never successfully trained a child, Eric has done it every time except for Selah who did it on her own.

  2. Hip, Hip Hooray!!! Way to go Kendall, we knew you could do it!
    <3 Molly and Brynnie

  3. Congrats! Thanks for your comment on the blog frog - we are still working on our potty training adventures... Reading yours was hilarious!!