Birthday Boy

It's alot of people's birthdays today. No joke. I know 3 people in my family who are celebrating a birthday today. Facebook told me there is more. I think a study should be done, apparently a busy time of the year is May. Must be the warmer weather or something. It's Dr. Seuss' Birthday today. If it's your birthday today also, you are in good company because most importantly to us in our home it's the boss' birthday. Big Poppa, Daddy Donut...Happy 34th Birthday!

I just want to point out a few things here that are going on in this picture. This is clearly the first school picture that he was able to pick out what he wanted to wear, it is written all over his face. Remember that year? Remember the years your mom picked what you would wear? That used to make me so mad! It is clear looking through old photos, that the previous year, his mama picked out the ensemble he is wearing. It's a charming blue wool sweater with a collared shirt on underneath all tucked and perfectly matched. Here, in a blaring shout of independence he has popped that collar and is even showing a bit of  manly chest in that really awesome button down. See the eyes glowing? They are saying, 'Finally! I am so cool, look at me ladies!' I can even see the bottom half in those pleated acid washed jeans that were worn in the late 80's. Hot stuff.

My oh my that is getting up there my darling. 6 more years and well you are 40! I think when you are celebrating 40 we should go to some far off land where it's sunny all day long, and we can swim in crystal clear salt water, sleep in, and invite all of our friends to go with us. Or could we do that tomorrow and celebrate 34 and a day? Pack your bags people!

One year on spring break whilst in college we did go to the beach right around your birthday in the Carolinas. Great times, we wore sweaters on the beach....here is the picture to prove it.

So young, so vibrant, so cute. We are such a cute couple, babe. But look, on the beach in cold weather gear, no I'm talkin like bare feet and bathing suits for the big 4-0.

A lot of random things occurred on this trip, including a photo of me along the highway sitting on a giant rabbit that is wearing a sombrero at South of the Border. I really should devote an entire post to this trip, because it really is worth telling.

But I don't think a tropical beach is going to occur this year unless it is being reenacted my Mickey and Minnie at the Polynesian, because according to some young folk around here, if we are going anywhere on a plane it is going to be to Disney World, all 5 of us. So 6 years, mark you calendars peeps, put a little reminder into your phone, I am sure there is an app for that.

To commemorate this special day we are having chinese for dinner and warm chocolate chip cookie sundaes for dessert, and watching American Idol...because these are all things Daddy, err, Kendall, likes to do. I really just can't wait, bring your appetite.

But Daddy dearest, we love you here at home, because you are at work, and according to Kendall, who is all about birthdays, 'that is a really stupid birthday.' I didn't even correct her for using 'stupid,' it's the first time I ever heard her say it and it sounded all grown up, but even so, I don't like it, but it is a pretty stupid birthday to a 5 year old who goes to 3-D movies with her favorite friends on her birthday. Next time she says it though I will issue the warning about the 'not nice,' word, alright?

But something tells me even work can be fun on your birthday, if you have some friends there, which he does. Many, many friends at work. So in a way he is a little bit of a star on this day. Like when you were in school and your locker would be all decorated by your friends and you got to carry balloons around all day and maybe even skip morning classes to go to breakfast at Perkins, not that I ever, ever did that. I just heard that is what some people did on their birthdays when I was in high school.

Birthdays are very important to me and so I have instituted this into my children, and we have like serious countdowns. Andy thinks that this is just plain silly, to make such a huge deal about birthdays, well then he can be dubbed the party pooper at all birthday parties, but it won't kill my spirit. But not today, because today is his day! Besides, if we really do go away on the big 40 we'll see how much a big deal a birthday really is to him, I will put some money on it. According to Ethan when Mom Mom asked him who's birthday it was today he quickly replied, 'It's Daddy's, but mine's next. Mommy how many sleeps till my birthday?' See? It's exciting. We count down 23 days in advance.

So Happy Birthday my Lover.

"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You."  ~Dr. Seuss

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