Rules of Biking

So we snagged the bikes out of their winter home this week. They are like new toys all over again. They fight over them, they race around and top speed and topple over. Kendall tells me that she can ride without her training wheels. She tells me this almost every spring since she has had a bike, like it is just going to happen has sure as she will turn a year older, she will now be magically able to ride without training wheels. I remind her that she has to learn. That she needs to wear a helmet and knee pads and elbow pads because she will surely fall until she gets the hang of it. I tell her that she can do it, and once she does it is so much fun. But that it takes commitment and a lot of practice. She asked me yesterday if they sell training wheels for my size bike because she thinks that she would always like to have them even when she is a grown up like me. I cannot wait to see that.

So there are rules when we ride our bikes outside and all. And they are not permitted to go around the block without me and that they must stay between our two neighbors houses on the sidewalk and no further so that I can see them at all times.

Yesterday Kendall took it upon herself to remind her brother of the rules that she had remembered from last year. I tell you, this is proof that this girl listens and processes. Remind me.

'Uh Ethan, now you remember that there are bike riding rules, right? Mommy needs to be able to see you. You have to stay between Kathy's house and Justin's house no matter who is down the street. Unless it is Jesus, if he tells you to come, it's ok, but you have to go and get Mommy because she wants to go and see him too.'

Oh my little rule follower.

Oh but the best is Ethan's response.

'I know the rules Kendall. You not need to tell me. You not the boss.  I have a Mommy and a Daddy. So what's the big deal, huh?'

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