#78 for Florida State

The middle child is very soft spoken. He is sensitive and he is at his best sitting quietly being creative. He will share his thoughts and what he thinks is funny. And man, can he be humble. He is quite alright with someone taking the thunder. He is cautious and meticulous. I sometimes say aloud, 'he is my little Eagle Scout. '

The eldest makes the kitchen her stage, she twirls and sings and shakes that thing like no one elses business. She is the social butterfly informing me this morning that she is in a club at recess. I asked her what sort of club, she informed me a friend club. (aka, a clique) You know, you bite your tongue sometimes, you fear the worst, you fear your child and the movie Mean Girls. Then I envision Tina Fey coming to her school and her wearing a body cast to the prom. I go to that extreme, really. But promise only in my head. However,  I made sure to tell her that she should let anyone in the club in that wants to be.  She cocked her head and looked at me like I was mental, which maybe I am. She then said, 'we know that, we want all of recess to be in our club and we can all sit around and sing and dance and talk on the black top.' At least she gets the idea of politics.

So as you can see...

Things could be very quiet here, toys could be kept nice, carpets clean, laundry heading in the right direction. I have a girly girl and a boy who was his mama's boy and likes to have structure like his mama.

And then came the tyrant...

You know, if you want to have some kids and you want to get a good idea of what a boy, a typical boy may act like. I would say, come over here and I will provide you with complete opposites. Ethan will teach exert some manners and talk your ear off about superheroes, and then you will be pleased and perhaps excited. However, please stop at the pharmacy though, before hand,  and pick up your new prescription of xanax because as you come in the front door, there will be Jake to your left standing on the counter saying, 'I jump far!!' He will then take a flying leap off the counter and roll across the hardwood floor, as I proclaim, 'hey Jake, please don't roll in the pile of dirt I just swept up again, land a little more to the right next time.'

Some comments from friends while spending some time around Jake:

'um Jake is walking along the outside edge of the porch, did you want me to grab him?'

'uh, Jake is on the roof of the car yelling at all the other kids, want me to help you get him down?'

'I think Jake just pushed the chair up to the fridge and has given every child in the neighborhood a popsicle.'

'Jake is riding the power wheel truck around the block and is running head first into trees and running over the other kids bikes.'

'Jake just brought a baseball bat from upstairs and is chasing Kendall and Ethan around the house.'

'So, Jake is on the landing on your staircase and is asking me to watch him jump.'

'Jake is standing on the edge of the diving board bouncing asking me to catch him, I do not have a swim suit on.'

'Jake is sitting on top of the toy shelf in the basement.'

'Jake just chased the cat down the street.'

'Jake just spilled an entire of glass of hawaiian punch on the carpet.'

'Jake just walked in my door and is sitting on my floor playing, did you know he was outside?'

'Jake just threw a ball and it landed in the gutter and he is trying to get out the window to get it.'

I don't know...this child...he is just plain chaotic. No surface is safe, no toy left untouched. He is a full of 'bright,' ideas.
He is an adventure seeker. He is a dare devil. He has no fear. He is a headache. He is adorably sweet with a blond hair which on humid days spirals into tight curls. He knows what he wants and will always attempt to get it. He calls me 'Maaa-yeee.'  He actually looks like my side of the family. I knew those genes could work if they really wanted to.

He loves to laugh and make others laugh. He loves being included with his brother and sister. He is never without food on his face. He is always messy. He wakes up and his body is on 'play' until he is put to bed and he is out within minutes.

The pediatrician let me know that if he continues with this growth pattern he will be the size of a linebacker when he is through. Good thing he is athletic. I mean totally minor. I can totally work 5 jobs to support his appetite. There is just one linebacker rule I have. Its simple. No crack. Linebackers always bend over at the line of play and butt crack is shown. I have no problem traveling to the pan handle to watch #78, (the year of his mother's birth of course) play for Florida State, but there will be a motto, 'crack is whack.'

He is my third child. He is my last, and therefore, he is my baby, FOREVER. He is definitely treated as such. Who can resist a linebacker that still curls up on his mama like this...



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  1. You have a Tate! He sounds exhausting, but thoroughly wonderful at the same time. I get it. Seriously. ;)