The Eldest

As previously mentioned Kendall came walking out of me a healthy 23 year old child.
As also previously mentioned if she does not win an academy award or tony at some point in her life, it would be a real talent wasted.

The theatrics. If you actually feed into them and take them seriously you may actually go right on and jump off a bridge. The attitude sometimes makes me look at her and think, why does this child have me coming out of her mouth?!?!? The only difference is, my censor button works, hers has yet to be purchased and so things that you just think to say but don't really come out of her mouth with no qualms.

I love this girl dearly. I love the freckles on her face. I love her toothless smile. I love her hugs and I love her imagination. I love when she gets her music going and without warning she busts down the stairs or out of the bathroom downstairs holding a pretend mic, performers face and attitude in tact and she rocks it out like she ran out on stage to perform for all of her adoring fans.

She can be so very funny. She enjoys talking in accents. Occasionally she will tell me she is speaking a particular language, german, chinese, spanish, but they are all words and sounds that make no sense and always have a french accent. I don't know, I suppose thats where an acting coach will come in handy. After she gets a part time job waiting tables to pay for said coach.

Kendall is now in first grade. In case you didn't know that means she is big stuff. I mean seriously, being in school all day, packing a lunch. She is the cats meow. We have already lost a library book.

I love to mimic Kendall when she isn't around because you must laugh about it. Just this morning she gave me a running commentary on her clothing. Clothing and Kendall are a pretty touchy subject. They must resemble what she thinks is cool or stylish and it may not be whatever is trendy, but you need to get it right or all chaos ensues...kind of like this morning.

'Seriously? This shirt has like no design on it? You really think that no design looks normal?'

'Kendall, it is a plain purple shirt. A plain purple shirt with leggings and a jean skirt. Not every shirt needs to have a design.'

'I cannot go to to school without a design on my shirt its an assembly day, bright colors, I am supposed to stand out.'

'Purple is a bright color Kendall. It is a royal color. You will certainly at the very least look royal. It's your favorite color.'

'I cannot believe it. I just can't believe it.I do like purple, but like a purple with a silver design on something, like this is so plain purple. Are you going to wear a shirt with no design on it?'

'No, I am going to wear a shirt with a design on it that says my daughter drives me insane!! Now go downstairs and eat a pop tart with a design on it.'

Now you might say don't engage in the back and forth with her. It is the outfit that you had previously agreed upon, she wears it and goes to school. Ok, why don't you come over and give that a shot. I dare you.

Her teachers always say to me, 'Kendall is just so quiet, I wish she would come out of her shell a little bit.' I assure them that this is not what they want. I am quite ok with this really. I mean if she is going to either be a drama queen at school or at home, I obviously would prefer the home. Which means she gets it, you keep the crazies quiet in public.

She is an adolescent girl in a six year old's body. And no Mom, I do not encourage it. I may be in for it when she is 16, or she may just get it out of her system now. Either way, I am well seasoned.

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