My form of Mom Jeans, Gangnam Style

Now that I have got you refreshed and up to date on the offspring, let's head right on back into my every day chaos.

So totally not sure about the rest of you, but 'Gangnam Style' has been stuck in my head on continual repeat for the past two weeks. I now decided this week that I needed to look into this song since Kendall came home one day and informed me that I dance just like that guy. She then later repeated this and  put on a little show of her own to demostrate this point in my kitchen while I was making dinner one night. Here's also how I know that I am getting old and indeed have 3 children. I need to youtube the video because I had not idea what anyone, including my daughter, was talking about. Immediately there needs to be a sign on my forehead that refers to me as a dork. I mean seriously? I am now that mom that has no idea what their kids are talking about in regards to something trending. Here's my mom flash back 15 years talking to her friends from church in her mom jeans...'I don't know what it is, something on the computer, called the world wide web? All I know is that it ties up my phone lines.'  THIS IS ME!!! And I totally have on yoga pants right now with a long sleeved tee, this must be my generations Lee Stone Washed Jeans with a turtle neck tucked into the waist! Mad props to my mom though who now wears low waisted skinny jeans...there is hope for my future after this children stop sucking at my brain.

But back to my now fashionable Korean:

O.k. so perhaps I do occasionally saddle up while dancing and mimic a cowboy. And, alright, maybe I do kind of chase the children around the home while doing crazy dance moves to annoy them. However, I am not korean, SURPRISE. Not only that this first time I heard this song I thought for sure he was saying, 'open condom style,' and I was like, what the heck!?!?! To make matters worse,  I had no idea at first that he was singing or whatever he is doing, in korean, I just simply thought I could not understand him, with the exception of this one line, oh and 'HEEEEEEY SEXY LADY'.! So I was of course horrified to know that this newly buzzed about song was in fact encouraging the use of condoms being open. I know, I can't make sense of it either when I think about it, what does and open condom style even mean? But in the heat of the astonishment here in my head it made complete sense. Of course, everyone knows what open condom style is! First a nuclear threat and now unsafe sex!!!!  And thats right, I am typing the words condom and sex on my blog that my parents read. Although I am pretty certain with the three grandchildren I have bestowed unto them they are aware that I do indeed know what a condom is. What's up Dad?

So then of course I ban this song. Cannot believe that they even play this on the radio, and why is George Stephanopolaus not as upset about this as me and ranting about it at 7 a.m.!?!?! Top news!?!? George!?!?!

 Kendall was not better, once I found then found out it was Gangnam Style, he was saying, I asked her what the guy was saying, you know because a six year olds take is vital, and she says, ' He's saying, HEEEEEEYYYYY CRAZY LADY, whomp, whomp whomp, you are shing shang si.' I asked her what does that even mean, she tells, 'he is saying hey crazy lady, in both american and chinese language, shing shang si, means, crazy lady.'

Alright then.

I also sometimes find it fascinating that the things I do inside the privacy of my own home other people may do and then make millions. I mean Kendall has a point, I do 'dance' crazy like this, but I was not in fact calling it dancing, it was the interpretive movements of a mother on her last straw of the day; a bit tribal and therapeutic at the same time one may presume. And maybe it was done to some upbeat tempo that perhaps wants to make you shake your booty or flail your legs like a...like a, I really am not sure, but regardless it made me feel better.

Now when I first watched the video after hearing it played a zillion times, I was very confused. Because I am getting old and the humor was lost on me through almost the entire video. What is with all the randomness? Whats with the horse barn? Flying fire extinguisher contents in the face? The life preserver? Cross Dresser in a parking garage? And please, please do not get me started on the elevator and the toilet. Wikipedia, my go to and source of all truth, says that Gangnam is a district in Seoul. Is this how they act in Gangnam? This is their style? Could be that I just don't speak Korean, so following this story would be impossible anyway. I mean maybe being in a sauna and then flashing to an explosion makes perfect sense.

Then I get to the end. They are a group dancing his crazy dance and it is then I flash back to the Thriller video and I once again proclaim this time to PSY, instead of Michael Jackson, I will learn this dance. In the end, it really is not as awesome as Thriller, but I must say it is the same rewind replay action that had me master the basics of Michael to be able to bust a move whenever Thriller is played. This time I had my little side kick with me. 'Kendall, homework can wait, this afternoon we are mastering shing shang si.'

I am thinking flash mob?
Who's with me?

Study Up. I will post the dates and times of try outs soon.
Gangnam Style

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