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Here's my food for thought as you emark on your day:

On Being Christian and Voting as a Democrat <-------click to connect to blog post

Of course there are considerably more issues at hand to discuss, but this was a blog post people, not a dissertation. We stick to the main points so it all kind of ends well.
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My friend Shannon posted this link today and I found it encouraging and discouraging at the same time, but very true:

6 Things to Keep in Mind <----click to connect to article
Fave Quote from this article:  'If people put as much energy into charity, volunteerism, mentoring, entrepreneurship, and creating non-governmental solutions as they do into politics, our elections would matter a whole lot less.' 

Thanks Shannon.

And then of course the funny and sarcastic...cause lets get real...Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: I hope Romney has binders full of people who can explain to him why it's weird to have binders full of women.Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: If I had a nickel for every political post I saw on Facebook, I'd be a member of Romney's 'middle class.'

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