The little weasel loved the snow.
He woke up nice and early and I opened his curtain proclaiming:
'Jake, look outside!!!'
It was marvelous.
That perfect little reaction of excitement and awe that comes with seeing the first snow by a wee little one.
He drew in his breath.
I asked him, 'What is it buddy?
He whispered real slowly, 'its snow.' like he really wasn't certain this is what it really was, right out of the pages of his little books he paws through. It hasn't snowed much in his lifespan.
I repeated, 'yes, its snow.'
He then started jumping and clapping, 'SNOW!!!!!'
He then started running around the house, 'Dendall, its snow!! Etan its snow!!!!'
They opened their groggy eyes.
Kendall asked, 'do I still have school?'
Ethan asked, 'can I go outside?'
Can't they all be two?

I then went downstairs to start breakfast and pack Kendall a lunch because its too stressful to buy a lunch...people will look at her!!!! Jacob followed me down, opened the curtain in the living room and shouted; 'It's snowing downstairs too!!!' Then proceeded to run everywhere in the house; 'snow out dis window....and dis window,...and dis window!!'

'Dendall!! Etan!!! Snow comes everywhere!!!'

Love that kid.
After school and an hour of wrangling three children into their snow gear that may or may not fit, and convincing them that bibs are the perfect pair of snow pants, no snow gets in them, and no, she doesn't look like a puffed up ball of puffiness in her snow pants everyone will look the same, we were outside.

The little weasel helped me build a snowman. He was so proud. As you can see by putting just the rear end to the snowman, Stan was indifferent. He hates snow and sat on a little patch of green the rolling of the snowballs made. Sissy.

Hopefully is snows everywhere some more this winter. I told Kendall that looking like a puff ball of puffiness happens to by my style.

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