A Few of My Favorite Things from 2012: Part One: You Tube

So every once in awhile I will peek onto youtube because let's face it; the things people video sometimes are awkwardly fascinating and some are just all around awesome. Its that bug on a wall complex sometimes. And also sometimes you are like, I totally did that, why did I not record myself, I could totally be viral, or whatever that might be. So as I sit in the midst of a Christmas Break wreckage of toys, pine needles, dishes, and cardboard boxes strewn everywhere; I thought, 'hey what the heck, cleaning sucks, lets post my fave youtube vidoes of 2012 so that all of you can procrastinate as well.'

I love me a good and funny prank. This one is one of my faves because I would totally do it. Who's in next Black Friday?

This is from last year on Jimmy Kimmel, I didn't see it until after Christmas last year, or else I might have been very tempted to do this to my children and then laugh my rear end off.

But I thought you should know, so that you remind me, I will be doing this to my children next summer.

I don't care what anyone says. It is not just the red hair. Shaun White looks just like my cousin Ryan. It is unbelievable. I am quite certain they came from the same uterus, my aunt birthed two children, they told her it was one because the White family cut a sweet deal with the ob/gyn for a flaming red headed baby. Just overlook the age difference. It's cool. Just a two year age difference. And you know, so nice of Shaun to be doing such nice things...even though it was totally necessary for him to clean up his image in 2012.  Irregardless, I will be donating my hair to the same charity once a certain sister gets married in 2013 and there is no reason for fancy hair, i.e., this mangled mane I have now, in an updo, its more about sensible hair.

This next video is from a youtube channel that I find hilarious. I don't know why, I think it is because I live with a bunch of young people who talk like this. They left me saying aloud, 'why did I not think of this ?!?!' I will preface the video by filling you in that these are videos of adults acting out what kids say. A few kids are asked to tell a story about something like, catching Santa or, going to the bank, or going on a blind date, and then this dude records adults acting out these stories. I love it, and if you have children or are around children of the same age, you will also think this, otherwise, you will be like, this is just dumb, and for that, that's a crying shame. YouTube Channel for these instant classics is BoredShortsTV.


Unless of course you live under a rock, you know that there is this new show Nashville out on ABC. I love this show. There was only one other show I looked forward to as much as this show each week, and that is Sex and the City. I am still watching SATC replays, even though I own the dvds, and I wish the show was still going on. And I am aware that the movies are a bit cheesy, I still adore them. I get a little sappy talking about how the show is over...what like 6+ years later? ANYWAY...back to Nashville. These sweet little girls are on it. I have seen them before this show, and I thought they were the cutest and hippest things going. Here they are singing a pretty awesome song and banging around recyclable materials. They are really that good.

This last video is about the grossest and most fascinating thing I have ever seen. My sister and her hubs found the video and passed it on to me. We are obsessed with pores. I really think that at some point my sisters and I will be on a TLC show entitled, 'My Strange Fascination.' In another life I was a dermatologist. Convinced of it. I will readily admit that my sisters and I text each other with statements like this, 'yo, should have seen the giant black head I got off my forehead today.' Sometimes a picture is included. I really could care less what you think about this and I am not afraid to share this information with you. I can also guarantee that after you watch this video, you will encourage someone else to do the same. If you have a weak stomach, do not watch this video, ok watch it, but like be ready to dry heave. I would first like to comment with the same things that you are going to ask yourself; 1. who lets something like this go this long? 2. why in the world are these people doing a home extraction looks like in a kitchen, with clutter around?  You may then ask yourself an additional question as to why there are tons of people there watching like its a party and why it is being filmed? I will not ask myself this question because if someone in my family had this thing going on on their back, I would totally be there and bring the beverages...my sisters and I would even fight over who got to pop it and who got to film it. Yeah...we are that odd.
I will admit...grossest part is her wiping the junk off her arm...ok that is nasty. Also...I would require face masks...this thing has got to reek. And what is with that woman's tan?
 Happy New Year Homies...
Up next...my Fave Things of 2012, Part Two...things I could not live without this year.

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