Can't Hang

I don't know about you. But my Saturday nights are really awesome.

I mean I say it sarcastically, and there really is nowhere I would rather be but with my little  loves on a weekend night. However, there are sometimes when you think...man, if my younger self could see me now, it might actually jump off a bridge. I'm not kidding. I think I thought of myself as never giving up my youth. That I could have 3.5 kids, a job, and totally hang. I was really just plain stupid. Older self to younger self: 'memories are just that; memories...and you will make some more age appropriate, new, and more important ones, for instance; raising a human being.'

 I also really love the phrasing, 'cant hang.' My uncle...my uncle...makes him sound so old when really he has kids who hang with my kids...anyway, he posted a pic of his kids randomly a few weeks ago of them passed out on a weekend night in the back of his car, captioning it, 'can't hang.' I am all about finding humor in phrasing cause we all know its supposed to be referencing some drunk as a skunk frat kid passed out at a party in a weird location. To spin it and put it on something so simple is funny to me.

I may regret finding humor in this photo in about lets say 10 years when my son  may be the photo taker and driver, and you throw my daughter passed out in the middle of the twins, and then my other son, in the passenger seat,  posts it on twitter, or whatever media site is totally addictive and I will be stalking them on. But for 2012, its funny.

I have a way dry humor. I laugh the hardest when most people were like, 'was that supposed to be funny?!?!' Like Napoleon Dynamite. You either thought that was the stupidest movie in the history of time, or laughed until you pissed your pants.  I mean just the name of the llama, 'Tina,' that was hilarious to me, and the way he talked to Tina I was seriously rolling and playing it over again. Best person to watch this movie with is my Casey cousins, we literally laugh that silent laugh because we are laughing so hard we can't make noise and then when we catch our breaths repeat the line and laugh at each other all over again the same way.

So with this. I would like to start, 'can't hang' themed pics. Please forward me your best and I will post them under this theme. Of your cat, your spouse, your mailman, your cashier. People who clearly; 'cannot hang.'

Here's my homies at 11 on a Saturday night after a day of holiday decorating and a night filled with pounding some mugs of hot chocolate.

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