She needs to come for a playdate.

My children are currently completely enamored with this little chick.
I watched her while first with Jake and he says, 'Mayee....look at dat boy break dancing with a hat.'
Of course here's me beaming in pride he knows what break dancing is. You know there are some that are pleased with a child reading by age 3, I am all over my kids knowing your basic old school priorities.

I told him, 'No Jakey, that's a girl.'
'A gurrrll Ma-yee?'
'I said of course, now look here and don't forget, it's best you know now; ladies, my love, can do all things...and sometimes even better, so please treat them as such.'
'Ma-yee, she has on a black hat.'
'Yes of course, girls can really rock a black hat too.'
'She hot?'
Apparently my feminist tirade would be much better suited with him when he is, I don't know 4. For right now he is just worried about the girl's temperature.

I showed it to the other two this video. They have been doing what they have called break dancing all afternoon. I don't know, it looks like seizures to me. Of course Kendall has to remind the boys that the girl gets to win, just like the video. However, I hate to break it to her, but in this house...I think E might have the edge....he's got the most animal hair on his back, so his spinning is clearly much more advanced.

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