My middle weasel turned 6 last week.
This is just plain ridiculous to me. I might like to know where the time went if I actually did have time to sit and think about that, and then I suppose there is my answer.

This is the boy who showed me just how wonderful it is to be a mama of a boy.
I tell you what.
The sun rises and sets on you when you have a little boy. I mean and who doesn't like to feel like the center of the universe just once in awhile? The unconditional love of kids in general is completely inspiring, but then go ahead and have a boy. I have made my fair share of mistakes as a mama already, and I am certain there will be hundreds, ok Kendall, thousands more. However, this little boy lets me fall right back into his good graces within minutes.

We have our bad moments and days where mommy is a grump head, as he likes to call me. But it is those same days that turn into the nights at 3 a.m. when he wanders in to find me and he curls up next to me in bed, and fits right on into my position and breathes a big sigh of relief.

I know he won't be doing this at 16, and if I thought really long about that, I would break down crying.  Cause I am totally that Mom. I have said it before, these poor women that make my sons their husbands. Although they will be blessed with a man that can actually clean a toilet seat, they will have a mother in law that calls to make sure he is eating well and that his underwear doesn't have holes in it daily. And I am totally o.k. with that.  Truth hurts sometimes.

This child however has changed in this past year.
He spread his little wings a little and got to taste some independence outside of his mama.
It was not forced or talked about.
He just all of a sudden found his groove.

Today I came downstairs and this kid was pouring him and his brother a cup of apple juice to go with their cereal that he had prepared. All while I was upstairs wrangling his sister into bright colored clothing that suit her because it is 'spirit week,' at school.  God Forbid we can't find the fluorescent pink leggings on bright colored day what is wrong with me!!!

I turned and said, 'Look at this Kendall, look at this. Your brother prepared breakfast and you're fussing with me about the way your camisole is too long on your tulle skirt and puffing it out all funny!!!' She turned and looked, and then said, 'Hey, I'm hungry too.' He responded, Well Kendall, how am I supposed to know what cereal you want, am I going to always have to know what you want and get it for you!??!' She gave him a face like, 'well isn't that given?'  And I suspect this to be very true. Ethan is the calm and steady one. I would not be surprised if he is the one out of the three that they go to for support, encouragement, comfort, and advice more consistently. You might even find me doing the same thing by age 85. 'Should I take the stool softener or not Ethan, it's been two days, but I'm just not sure what to do!!!"

*For clarification, I got Miss Bright Colors her cereal so the other two could eat theirs before it got soggy because this too is complete and total disaster. And yes, I will talk to my son about my stools, payback is rough sometimes.*

I have mentioned he has his homies that he lives and breathes. Each day he is typically playing with friends and will always have a funny story about time with a friend. He runs in and out of the house all afternoon with a huge smile on his face because he is playing with friends. I can totally relate to this and find it just plain awesome.

He gives second chances when someone does him wrong, which is almost daily when you have a 2 year old for a brother. 'Jake, I will play trains with you, but if you throw Diesel at my head one more time, that's it for the day.'

He is naturally a caretaker. He likes to make sure everyone is o.k. and accounted for. He lets me know when the house is in need of things, like maybe for some reason I wasn't aware. Just last week at 4 a.m., he woke me because he had to deuce. Who has to deuce at 4 a.m.? I'm certain he had to deuce at 4 p.m., but didn't want to take the time to do it, so at 4 a.m. when nothing is going on, this seems appropriate. I'm not sure why I was involved as I stood with my eyes closed leaning on the vanity with a wipe in my hand for him to use. 'Hey Mommy,  so next time you are out running errands be sure to pick up some more go gurts, Jake had the last one today. And also, I think the playroom needs some new light bulbs in some of the ceiling lights, it seems pretty dim down there. And you're going big food shopping soon, right? Because overall, we are running low on snacks.'
Let me just break this down for a second: the words dim and overall were indeed used in this conversation, and not by me. And it seems as though someone is taking complete inventory of my house on a pretty consistent basis. This creeps me out just a little. But what gets me the most is that this was all recalled at 4 a.m. I'm lucky to land on the toilet seat at 4 a.m.

He is meticulous and thorough as you may see by looking at his wardrobe and toy collection.
He wanted a new scooter for his birthday from me.
Let me tell you, we went to exchange scooters three times until he was satisfied.
This is a very intense decision making process apparently.

And man he is a looker. Kendall's friends already giggle when he is near.
I might be a little bit bias because I am his mama and all. But this kid has some seriously handsome big brown eyes and a killer smile. You can judge for yourself.

So I don't know that I really want him to get much older.
He is seriously my milk and cookies.

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