My Baby

The weasel turned 3 on the 4th.
I still refer to him as the baby.
I think this might be stuck on him for life.

The baby on the Jaguar because that is what Diego has. Alright...so clearly he is not a baby, and perhaps not even the size of a toddler, I really don't care what you think, he's my baby.

'Shhhhh.....the baby is taking a nap!!!!!!!!!' But it's very simple, if you wake Jake from a nap before he has made the decision that he is refreshed and ready to continue on with his day, you will have hell to pay. There is no fury greater in this house then Jake awake before he wants to be. I have been known to leap down flights of stairs when E brings his buddies in here for a refreshment break to silence them before Jake hears them. That's right I will break my bones to keep him asleep, it is that serious.

' I have to give the baby something for his belly or he is going to lose it!!!!' Along the same lines as sleep, if you do not feed Jake, havoc will take place. This child is the biggest child I own, and he requires a ton of nourishment, daily. 'Ma-yee I need sumting to eat.' All.day.long. As previously mentioned, he is my future line backer. Either that or a contestant on the Biggest Loser. In either case he will be financially stable.

He is my baby. Oh and I coddle this thing like nobody's business.

Out of the bunch, at 3, he is probably the one with the most wit and has a memory like an elephant. I really find it astonishing that elephants have such a good memory, but then again, I am also typically astonished with Jake's memory as well. He will remember how to get somewhere after only one drive, he will tell me verbatim what he did while I was at work the night before, this sometimes does not work in his brother and sisters favor. He can remember what happens next on Team Umizoomi after just one run through. This memory comes in handy. 'Jake!!! Where did Mommy sit her keys!?!?!...Where did we park the car!!?!?!....Are we out of milk!!?!?!?...Where did E say he was going!?!?!'

His fave foods right now are:

Cheese Curls.
Dude, do not come between this man and his cheese curls. You buy a whole bag this is his job to finish it.

Popsicles...or opsicles as he calls them.
He has been caught breaking into the freezer and stealing two or three at a time.

Hawaiian Punch...or I-an Unch.
Oh you don't give your kids red 40? You're missing out.

French Fries.
Must have ranch and ketchup for simultaneous dipping.

Ice Cream.
Plain ice cream (vanilla) with chocolate on top.

As you can see his diet is just really awesome and right on track for your normal 3 year old.

He likes to say:

'Yippy Skippy.' This occurs when overly happy about any person, place or thing. I think I am going to start saying this. 'Hey Melissa, we are just calling to remind you of your upcoming appointment here at the gynecologist.'
'Yippy Skippy!!'

He likes to ask when driving anywhere in the car, 'where we going.' And when we arrive there and get back in the car to leave...'where we going now?' When running multiple errands at in one trip this can get a little, I don't know...annoying shall we say.

He is obsessed with burping.
Please, I don't know why.
He can now make himself burp because you see this is quite entertaining to your big brothers friends.
I at times have to threaten him to stop because it is getting to crazy at burp 12 to 15 that I think he is going to throw up.
'What do you say Jake?'
' 'scuse you.'

He likes to:

Play outside. He thinks he is 6 and can play with the big boys, so I often see him in the side yard tackling someone from behind. The unfairness in this is terrible because they know if the tackled him back they could do some damage, so bless their hearts, for now, they don't. Payback is well...you know.

Play sports. He may not be over the top skilled but little dude knows about every sport and the concept of how to play it. His favorite right now is basketball. Consequently, I have more sporting goods in my home then should be allowed by law.

Make funny faces. His is like the king of facial expressions. You can read just what he is thinking by his face. O.k., so maybe I have a tendency to also poesess this quality, its debatable.

Here I am asking him to smile for a picture with his cheese curls...he is thinking the same thing as you...
that is a really stupid idea.

Play super heroes. His favorite time to do this is when we are shopping in Target. He will take the size stickers off the clothing and put them down his arms, legs, and across his forehead. O.k. so maybe he also busts out of the middle of the clothing racks and yells in his manly super hero voice, 'I am here to get the bad guys for you Ma-yee.' I don't know why size stickers constitute as super hero attire, you don't ask these questions.

Spike his hair like his big brothers. This of course is not ideal for a hair of longer length, that is wavy, but whatever floats his boat. The fashion maven tries to explain to him that his texture of hair is not the same as him, but he could care less. 'Ma-yee you spike my hair like E's...dat's cool.'

Be bossy. No, this dude can hold his own and more. His demeanor is that of an oldest child. He can boss and bully his siblings into things that have me saying to his older siblings of 3 and 4 years, 'hey, hey hey...he's 3, if you know jumping out of the crib and trying to land on Ethan's bed is wrong then don't do it!! And if he says he is going to pinch you if you don't you come tell me!!!'

Evidence: The suckers. He told them to ride together on the alligator...so they did.

He has my heart. Oh his blonde lightly curled hair, big blue eyes and little nose speckled with some freckles get him out of all sorts of trouble. He is my toughy. He is all boy, all the time. He is filthy at the end of the day. Tub water that light shade of brown. He is bound and determined to learn how to walk in flip flops properly.
Ask him who is best friend is: Ma-yee.
Ask him who he loves: Ma-yee
Ask him guess what?: Chicken Butt...Guess Why, chicken thigh.
I love little boys.
He is without a doubt my favorite three year old in all the land.

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