The Graduate

Cue Pomp & Circumstance.
(Editor's Note: Thats one of his BFF's in front of him. I know this without looking away from the lens in my camera because hands in pockets and sweet outfits equal swagger and a friend of E's...this is the future Ralph Lauren graduating mind you.)

So the middle graduated from Pre K this week.
Kendall finds this highly unfair. Then in normal fashion gets all reminiscent and says,  'I just love my class this year...we are totally going to miss each other this summer. We spend 7 hours a day together, what are we going to do when we don't do that everyday!?!?'
I don't know. Swim. Go on vacation. Drive me crazy.

As previously mentioned, I had decided to give E one more year until he went to kindergarten.
Best decision. Big high five to myself...a good parenting decision...maybe I can do this.

If you are thinking that perhaps your child is just not right for kindergarten, or someone blatantly points that out to you, give them one more year. You totally don't have to take my advice, they won't take your kid away from you, but your life will be a lot easier.

E is a kid, that in most cases, will not do something until he knows he has it right. This can be extremely frustrating when attempting to know if he at least gets the gist of the alphabet or what number he can count to.

This year things came flowing out of him like I don't know what, I was going to say vomit or pee, but you know, that's just inappropriate.

And he made himself some tight friends.


The graduation ceremony was Tuesday night. In the past E has kind of mouthed the words, looked uncomfortable, and was probably sweating bullets. So I prepared for much of the same. Must.Not.Make.Eye.Contact. Flooding him with praises none the less, because we got it and understood Ethan. He would rather run through flames then stand in front of an audience. I was fussing with Jake when the first song began, because I mean why be a three year old if you don't fuss when you aren't supposed to. I began to hear this loud singing voice that sounded like E's start leading the pack. I threw a juice box and some matchbox cars into Jake's lap, and had to look up before the moment passed.

But it didn't.

My Middle Child. Singing. Mouth wide open carrying a tune like this was his job.
They sang a bunch of songs, he didn't once falter or become uncomfortable.
They then played a tune on xylophone.
Apparently this kid has some musical skills.
Who would have known? Not me.
Next he will whip out some Beethoven on the piano.

Listen this kid makes me mush.
To see him be proud of himself melted my heart.
I also cried when I signed him up for kindergarten. I'm not ashamed. Him standing there doing the eye exam looking all grown up.
So of course I was a mess at this graduation.
Look out for high school graduation.
This mom will have banners, megaphones, a 5 piece band. I will be standing on the bleachers....'MY BAAAAABBBBYYYY!!!!'

I pulled him aside when graduation festivities were over. I told him how proud he made me and that I loved him so much. I also then told him to stop playing me...totally onto his game.

E & His Teacher...something tells me this woman is owed a ton of my gratitude.

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