Don't Call It a Come Back.

So I'm back...bit of a hiatus...my lap top passed away, and then I had a blogging brain fart. How and what do you blog about after being off line for so long? I plan on blogging about Kendall turning 3 and the fanfare that went with that, but I thought I would start with the craze going around facebook, 25 random things about yourself, but with my own added twist...

The 25 Random Things I have been doing since I blogged last

1. Making Martha Stewart inspired tissue paper pom poms until 3 a.m...buy the kit. I was bound and determined to make mine without her easy does it kit, and I did, but it takes a LONG time...those things are going to be used at every one of Kendall's birthday parties until she is 45.

2. Laundry. No,really, my laundry climbs walls.

3. Got my hair chopped. It was the longest I have ever had it since my Jr. year of high school, and I was so sick of it, and so my friend, neighbor, and stylist chopped it. (all one person, thanks Steph)

4. Made Kendall a big girl room. Big girl bed, decor, so on and so forth, she is now residing in a sea of pink with princesses floating around, and of course the Martha Stewart pom pom's. ( I love you Martha) Thanks for the great idea Trista.

5. Contemplated creative ways to have Kendall to be super excited about going poop on the potty. Unsuccessful.

6. Played outside, it was super nice out last week, if there is such a thing as global warming, which I sit on the fence about, I love its effects on February with a high 50 temperature.

7. Went to the Please Touch Museum and became Members...so if anyone wants to come, we have a free ticket and the rest of your clan would get in for $10. It was so much fun for the little ones and me also,...I will blog more on all of this later, also.
8. Olivia, the new show on Nickelodeon, based upon the children's books I love, started. So this is now one of our top three shows, well for Kendall, E, and I,(I am not quite sure about Andy and if he enjoys them, come to think of it, I don't think he has even watched Yo Gabba Gabba with us) the other two are of course, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Charlie & Lola, I think their British accents are just so cute.

9. American Idol started. I will readily and fully admit, I watch the show. It is also a show my children will tolerate because they like to pretend they are performers, and so I can actually watch something. I am not one of those that follows or supports the winner after the fact, but I can sit there and critique each singer like I am the 5th judge on the panel. So I of course will be blogging about that.

10. Saw Smurfs for sale at Target. I used to love smurfs. I actually had over one hundred figurines at one time in a collectors box. There was this little gift store across the street from our first home in Richboro, and if I was well behaved or something like that, I was able to go and pick one out. I used to love watching the Smurfs on Saturday mornings at my grandparents house with my A. Amy. I would prefer to watch it there because she was permitted to have sugar cereal, and watch as many cartoons as she wanted, a perfect Saturday morning. I suppose that is what happens when you are the baby of the family. Remember Saturday morning cartoons? Good Times. So what happened to my Smurf collection, which is no doubt worth something now because they are originals? My dad threw them away. That's right, and no, not because they were taking up storage space, this occured much younger folks, he threw them away because I wouldn't clean them up. Tragedy. Let's take a look...I could hardly believe my eyes...I for sure had this one. Inexcusable.

11. Read 6 books. Crazy. I love to read. Thank goodness for the library or my house would actually have books to sit on instead of furniture.

12. Heard my mother describe Kendall's new 3 year old attitude as her being extremely passionate. She is either extremely joyful about something or extremely miserable about something...I personally am passionate about some hearty time outs for the sass.

13. Found that Andy Kitty is missing about a quarter of his tail, and when I showed it to my grandmother, she says, 'Oh that is why he has been acting so strangely, and you know what, I thought he looked different, I just couldn't figure it out.' Oh, ok. His wounds are now being treated professionally. Oh, and Mom Mom has hunted for the tail, to no avail. Good to know.

14. Successfully communicating with Ethan. New words are spewing out daily, and he has moved on to phrases. Terrific. Because he would get so angry that we could not understand him. Now, for example, he says, 'I pooped Mommy,' and then, 'Change It.' Mmmm, that's nice because the smell coming from his pants wasn't a dead give away.

15. Watching Chelsea Handler on E at night as my bedtime talk show. Ok, so sometimes she is a little raunchy, but she is pretty funny, and I am a grown up, and I am justifying this because?

16. Andy and I had some twisted stomach virus that had me think for a second or two that I was pregnant again, but then realized that having conversations from one bathroom to him in another suffering from the same maladies does not mean that I am pregnant unless of course he was carrying the twin.

17. Redecorated the freezer door on my fridge. I love to post random things up here of important things to our little family.

18. Celebrated Kendall turning 3. What in the world is that about? Was I not just giving birth to her? Presently she is yelling at me because I am not playing Cinderella correctly...maybe I will just stuff her back in for a few hours.
19.Bought & ate Life Cereal. So yummy sprinkled with a little granulated sugar and some cold skim milk. Delish.
20. Watched Annie with Kendall, the Disney version. She now sings, "I think I'm Gonna Like it here..." several times daily. I think that it is strange she picked this song instead of the typical, "Tomorrow." None the less, it is always stuck in my head.
21. Got the kids slurpees as it is snowing outside. They thought that they were fabulous.
22. Took Ethan to the ENT for his ear check up. One tube is out, due to an infection pushing it out. He will go back in 2 months to get evaluated to see if he needs to get a new one in. Annoying.
23. Took Kendall for her 3 year check up. She is a tiny little thing weighing in at exactly 30 pounds, and being exactly 3 feet. She refused to pee in a cup for the urine analysis, telling me, 'No, Mommy, I am not leaving my pee pee here for them to look at!'
24. Toyed with the option of adopting a dog, then thought better of it.
25. Played Duck, Duck, Goose, and Hide and Seek several hundred times. Don't tell them, but sometimes I hide in the bath tub with my book.

Oh and in case you wanted to put on some pounds ladies, here is a little vintage ad for you...once again proving I should have been a mother in the 50's.


  1. i'll be ordering that weight gain stuff immediately. Eric was noticing how underweight I've become. I hope they still make it.

    Can we see your hair?
    I don't think there are slurpees in Alaska. We got some for the kids for the first time in Florida two years ago. We got Dairy Queen last year, so now they know what a Blizzard is.

  2. they already have a 4th judge on Idol! now you have to pretend to be the 5th wheel!