The Princess' Sleeping Chamber

So next will be a blog on E, most definitely, two in a row of Kendall is just so not fair. Oh the life of the second born. But really Kendall has had a lot going on, I mean turning 3 and all. We are quickly approaching the month of Ethan's birth and so, there will be equality prevailing throughout the land.

Onto the pictures of the room. I gave you a sneak peek in the previous post in the pic of her and Juliana nestled in bed...this did not last long however, 10 minutes later they wanted to watch Lady and the Tramp with me in my bed...'ok', I said, 'it's a slumber party.' They fell asleep, I carried them to bed.

Sorry, these first two are a bit dark...the shelf over the bed was made by my dad for Kendall for her birthday.

On the dresser is her newest addition swimming around up there, Aurora & Belle, a gift from A. Michelle.

Exiting the room, that dress up hanging on the door is her prized dress up and it cannot be in the playroom because it is only for her to wear. Issues?

The Bed

The footstool to get on the bed, because every growing girl needs that, right? It was a gift from the Casey Family, and she loves it.

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