Picture Pages

Goodness, I LOVED Picture Pages. Sometimes I wish it were around for Kendall to watch, she too would love to watch this. Sometimes when we are coloring I will start singing the theme song, you know it...

'Picture Pages, Pictures, Time to get your Picture Pages,
Time to get your crayons and your pencils.
Picture Pages, Pictures Pages, Open up your Pictures Pages.
Time to let Bill Cosby do a Picture Page with you!'

Bill Cosby, I love him too. That's another subject for another day.

However, I have many picture that are worthy of some picture pages, and I thought I might start with this one. The one was taken by Mom on the way back from the 'Please Touch Museum,' on Kendall's Birthday. Mind you, all three of them were snoring like a pack of bears, can't you hear them? Of course I am getting it enlarged and putting it on the quotable pictures wall.

Oh, what is the Quotable Pictures Wall you ask? Well I will tell you. It is a wall in the basement on the playroom side that is quickly filling with black framed pictures of our little family that are worthy of quotes. There are no quotes attached, you can make up your own when you look at them, it is quite easy to do. They are mostly silly pictures, some cute. I plan to have these pictures go to every home we own in the future and to make a wall in each home, a Quotable Pictures Wall.

So here is my first picture page.

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