Politics over Lunch

Kendall has a fascination with the current president...hmm...wonder where she gets that from? Regardless, she likes to talk about him, and always asks to hear him talk. She will see pictures of him as we flip through news sites in the morning, and say, 'Hey Mommy, there is Barack Obama, he is the president, can I hear him talk?' Last night was his most recent address and if Kendall had had it her way, we would have been watching that instead of Blue's Clues, but apparently, Ethan is a Republican and balked at the insanity of us watching this.

Last night at bedtime she was asking me a ton of questions about him. I told her the basics that a 3 year old would need to understand; that he makes the rules, that he keeps us safe, that he is a Daddy, that he lives in the White House,that he has made history. She asks,'history?.' I said, 'yes Kendall, he made history, we will talk about him for a long time because, you see the color of his skin, it is brown, what color is your skin?', and she looks at me and says, 'white?', and I said 'yes, he made history because of that. He is the first president with brown skin.' She asks, 'Why?' Ugh...deeper, I say, 'because people sometimes think people with brown people are different.' And she says, 'that is silly.' I sigh, 'yes that is silly, Me and your Daddy think that they are just the same as us,' and she replies, 'well...me too.' Then she asks, 'So can I hear Barack Obama talk?' Back to square one. So warning to all our brown skinned friends, Kendall may proclaim upon seeing you, 'You are the same as me!!'

Nothing about a lesson on equality at bedtime at age 3, thanks Barack Obama. She may not recognize her letters, but she is for sure going to pass me in her knowledge of politics and government by age 5.

And well the bottom line is, Kendall would have voted for him just on the sheer fact that he isn't afraid to dance and look silly, in the name of fun.

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