Do you ever get off the phone with someone and your ear is hot? That is the direct result of being on the phone with a gabbatron. Personally, I am not typically a phone talker, lets just get it done and over with, make the plans, share the info, move on, I have got a fight to break up, a diaper to change, a mouth to feed, or a book to read to some little nugget in my house...because guess what, they are my center. However, I have been known,when in person, to just talk and talk and talk and talk. I have a lot to talk about I guess, and even if we didn't have anything to talk about, I bet you I could find something.

My only hitch with this entire talking thing is that I have to be comfortable enough with you to let this incessant talking be bestowed upon you. If you think I am a quiet person, than truth be known, I do not feel comfortable around you...this could be as a result of my own personal insecurities, or perhaps, maybe you aren't so nice or intimidating, or some variety like that. My husband has shared with me on many occasions that I come across sometimes as a snob. How dare he?!?!?! This is my brief explanation. He knows me on a super personal level, a level at which I feel comfortable to ramble, be silly, sing crazy made up songs, be loud, because I am loud, be sarcastic, and basically tell it and ask it like it is. If you think the following things of me, then I can tell you that you are just so lucky, you today have won a prize you are one of my dearest friends.

Andy sometimes asks if I ever get tired of talking. I think that might be his way of saying nicely, shut up. But I have important things to say. Who else is going to help my friends through whacked out reactions to birth control, infertility, pregnancy, post partum insanities, when and when not to wash the bink that fell on the floor, that no, you don't need to sterilize the bottles, that spanking is not abuse when used properly, that it's ok to run upstairs and scream into your pillow when they won't stop whining. Who else is going to solve the relationship problems of the celebrities? How will Simon know who picked the wrong song? How will they know how to decorate for a party. You give me a topic, I can just go.

Now there are 2 people that I talk to on a regular if not daily basis that could out talk me like it is nobody's business. If there were in a contest I would lose to these two people.

My friend Chrisy and my Grandmother.

Chrisy is my favorite one to listen to talk out of the two because not only can she talk a lot, she talks real fast. She also has this special talent that I have to be able to switch to a totally different subject right in the middle of another, discuss that, and go back to the original where she left off. Not many can do that, you should try it.

Now my grandmother, she can talk and have an opinion about anyone and anything, go ahead, next time you see her, ask her anything, she can talk about it. You have again found the source of my inherited traits.

My immediate family seems to think that I talk to them like I am interviewing for a top story in the newspaper. I think that might be because I am the only who has inherited this need to talk all the time, fill quiet spaces, from my grandmother. So therefore, if they are not going to offer up a topic for me and then divulge in it further, I will question until I find one, and then question about it. And believe me, I will ask and say anything, they are my family for crying out loud, no secrets! How the heck am I supposed to find things out otherwise...they make me do it!

Now the blog is the silent form of me talking, many who know me say that I write like I talk, isn't that what everyone does? I have no idea what that means. Can you help me? Maybe they are saying that I just go on and on with this incessant babble that has no point. But when I read my blogs over, because I like to relive moments, I think they have a point. Does this one?

Of course. It is the passing of the gene. For awhile I thought Ethan was going to have some issues with speech. He had no interest in talking, and I know that in this house, that is not normal. People said, well he is a boy and he is the second, she is talking for him, and that is what I found out to be true. Boys only like to talk about things that they find VERY interesting. Like sports, trucks, and so on. They only want to talk about it with other people who find the topic interesting. It sounds selfish, and please, tell Andy it is. But in Ethan's defense, it is the way his mind works. Now he has found some topics. He likes to talk about animals, and he likes to talk about modes of transportation. But what he really likes to talk about is The Wiggles. Ethan has never been interested in any show on television or anything of the sort. Which is totally fine. But lets say when I am in like the shower, I would like him to not be in and out of the bathroom, in and out of the shower, and just sitting somewhere still, where I know he is where I left him. So one day The Wiggles were on when I was doing this, and it was instant obsession. Andy and I think they are so bizarre, but guess what, I can take a shower and not worry that he is into the markers and coloring all over my house!

Now Kendall, she likes to talk and talk and talk about anything and everything. Oh the apple of my eye.

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