My Cell Phone

Three Arms
Is lost. It rings. I don't hear it. No one hears it. I have walked outside into the frozen tundra listening for it. No cell phone. When I call it no one answers. Soon the battery will die and there will be no hope for the missing phone. I stopped at Wawa yesterday. Maybe I sat it down on the counter? Maybe it is on vibrate? I don't think I did that. I called WaWa, no phone. My friend Chrisy, who lives by the Wawa will stop there later this afternoon to get coffee, she is going to ask, because she misses my phone to.

Not like it was the greatest cell phone. I should be due for an upgrade, why haven't we had an upgrade?

Needless to say that with this great loss comes the loss of my SIM card and phone number I think? Does this truly happen? I like my phone number, it is so close to Andy's number, that makes it fun like we are a cute couple or something.

I lose a lot of things. This makes Andy angry with me. It's not like I do it on purpose. It isn't like the things are not valuable to me. My explanation is as follows, if anyone cares. Which no one ever seems to, but none the less, here it is.

Do you know how many things in a given day that I have to keep going in my head? I am the mother of two and a cat, as I type this there is another kitten in my half bath that we are letting spend some time with us before we release it back to the snow...it was skinny and needs milk and food. I have no problem continuing to feed it on my porch, it just can't live with us. As previously mentioned this makes Lily so very angry, presently she is down in the basement, behind the fridge down there, scowling, and screeches at me every time I try and talk to her.

You see what I am saying? So this is the kind of things that go through my mind. I have to entertain my children, clean, feed, instruct, and love on them throughout the day. I also have to keep the house going. Do you know how much laundry I have to do? It is so very insane. I also have to clean my house, because if it was not clean at the end of the day, it is all I would think about as I lie in bed at night, and I would much rather think about my cute kids or something. I also have a highly stressful part time job. So it only pans out to about 20 hours a week, but from the second I walk in the door until I walk out I am going 100 miles an hour, no joke, come watch me, I am sure it is entertaining. But it is a high pace, juggling a thousand things, decision making job, and that is what I like. I also have a husband who gets the shaft on many a day. And I am so sad for that, so then I have to think about that, and how I make that up to him, and so that makes me a really bad wife, so then I think about that. See? It goes on and on. And I really want to rent a carpet cleaner from Lowes and clean my carpets, and I really wish it was warmer out today so that we could build a snowman without freezing parts of our body off. So something as simple as sitting my cell phone down somewhere absentmindedly can easily happen when you are thinking about how to incorporate firm discipline and have Kendall understand that calling people things that are better left in a potty is not appropriate even when other kids get away with it. That is more daunting of a task than easily described. Because Kendall getting in trouble for calling a friend this while the friend continues to do it and not get in trouble is troublesome. To each his own.You can decide what and what does not come out of your kids mouth, but explaining that to my three year old is difficult. See you too have already forgotten that I set my cell phone down somewhere.

Geez can I get an addition on my brain? Perhaps just resigning to not actually pick up anything important and also small, or perhaps a sort of plastic surgery that might attach these objects to me. Can someone now explain this all to Andy, because I am certain he is annoyed with me over this cell phone...among many other of my nuances.

On to nap time, can I lie down, is that kosher with a pile of wash that could dress the entire homeless population? Is that ok with peanut butter and jelly on every surface, or while my cat is ready to pack her bags and leave?

Oh and my funny ad for the week. I saw this commercial on tv one night while watching Chelsea, and I was laughing out loud. It even disrupted Andy's snoring I was laughing that loud at it. Ellen also recently played it on her show. Because that is right Ellen Degeneres and I could be great friends. More on that later...

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  1. def due for an upgrade. while your numbers are lost without the sim card, your phone number can still be the same. It's the law. You know, you could hire a housekeeper, and a cook, and a nanny. That's what I did when I had too much on my plate.

    Oh, wait. Then I woke up.