Look Out Shawn Johnson

Kendall is taking a Tumbling Class at the Y for 6 weeks courtesy of her A. Meghan for a Birthday Gift. She had her first class this past Monday Morning, and this hour was the greatest time ever for Kendall.

Kendall was referring to this class as dance class, some said, well don't refer to it as dance class, she will be upset when she finds out that it is not dance class. Let me just tell you something about Kendall's dancing, her preferred style of dance includes a lot of acrobatic moves and so these things she will learn at tumbling class will only perfect her skills.

She loved it.She thought nothing of the fact that there was no music playing. She walked in, saw a balence beam and was in heaven. I told her that she might just get to go on that today, she ripped off her sweater, grabbed a mat like the teacher told her to do, and said, 'bye mommy.'

We were able to observe her from the hallway through the windows. There is 6 girls and one boy in this class. I think Kendall may be the youngest in the class, but she fit right in socially. She laughed when she thought it was 'cool,' to laugh, and sat and listened to the teacher when she needed to, knowing exactly what was expected of her. Many of the kids must have taken tumbling before and so everything was second nature to them, and they were very confident, but Kendall was not phased by this in the slightest and loved trying all the new things. After each thing she did she would turn to make sure I was watching and have the biggest grin on her face. The determination that would be on her face as she tried to master each task was so cute.

The only person who did not have a good time that morning was Ethan. Ethan was heartbroken he could not join in on the class and could not be with Kendall. As we sat and watched he would occasionally have a crying melt down, and scream, 'I dance with Dendall,pweassse!' When I said class was over he sprinted to the door and ripped it open running on the mat to Kendall and giving her a hug. So although I am certain he wanted to be in the class also, I think he might have missed Kendall too.

Kendall was so excited to tell Andy about the class and went into great detail about the activities in the class. Everyday she asks if it is dance class day when she wakes up. I don't know what we will do when the 6 weeks is over.

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  1. YAY!

    I am so excited for her. I hope she loves it and never wants to give it up. she is such a cutie!

    I think the class is 8 weeks! I paid for 8!