'Spring is here, Spring is here, it's the best time of the year!'

No, unfortunately I did not come up with that little diddy on my own. I believe it is from Little Bill, a show Kendall watches while I put E down for his nap everyday. But every time the arrival of spring is mentioned, that tune pops in my head. I know, I am a walking soundtrack.

My little man turns 2 tomorrow. As I listen to this I can hear him running back and forth, and back and forth above me on the second floor. He asked to watch The Wiggles. I think a new project has overcome his interests and he is quickly moving things from one room to another as fast as his little legs will take him. I love to watch and hear this kid run. His body is moving so fast, but goes almost nowhere. Since the weather has quickly shown promises of warmth, he is always running around outside. He is the epitome of spring fever. Once you release him out the door he breathes in the air and is instantly drawn into its refreshing nature.

My favorite season is actually Fall. I love when it comes around bringing cold, crisp air. However, this year I have been able to see and enjoy the changes that spring brings through Kendall and Ethan's little eyes, and it has been a reintroduction to spring for me as well. Here is the things we have been enjoying and soaking up.

We have our bird visitors every morning, who come and perch on our porch railing as we eat our cereal that Lily just cackles away at. The daffodils are poking through the soil. Kendall has planted seedlings with my mom that are taking up temporary residency on all open surfaces in my kitchen.

Today as we watered them, we saw the first of them popping through. Kendall was ecstatic, something she had worked on with her little hands was coming to life. She had to call Mom Mom immediately to report the news.

The worker guys are here clearing out the winter wind's havoc on the landscape, so Ethan is in his glory watching this take place. Lily tries to escape out the door through our legs leaving some little one on the floor on her exit, she is that big. She loves to roll around on the front steps in the spring soaking up the sunshine. They think that this is hilarious.

The ducks are at the park and follow us all around when we are there to feed them our stale bread.

And what might be so interesting behind this fence? There is a ball park at our local park and work has begun for the new season...take a peek.

My favorite part of the warm weather is that I am able to crack the windows on some days to let the fresh air in.

Another sign of spring? Mother Goose is back. Each year for the past 3 years a pair of geese have come to live at my grandparents farm on their pond to make a nest and raise their goslings until they feel they are stong enough to spread their wings. The nest is in the same spot each year, and they have arrived and departed at the same time each year. The geese are still a little skeptical around us, but they have no fear of Kendall and Ethan. I suppose because they are of the same height, posing no threat. They walk right up to them and take food from them, it is so cute to see the delight on their faces. Mom Mom Mom's farm is a great place any season, but once the spring comes, and you can be outside, it is even more fun, and the season has begun. So I suppose spring is a pretty cool season after all, and I have my kids to thank for the reintroduction.

I have blogged about the curious bond between Jack the dog, and Ethan, here are the two of them on a hike, each clearly estatic about the weather, the chance to prance around outside, and being with each other. Jack is even smiling. A note on the stick Ethan has. This stick was acquired on the hike, and for that day, this stick was taken everywhere, even to a nap with a little boy.

So however you do Spring go ahead. It's time to dig in some dirt, splash in puddles, learn to ride a bike, get grass stains, put down the car windows as you drive with the tunes turned up, if even if it is The Little Mermaid soundtrack, and above all else? Let that pale winter skin out and give it some sun....

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