Cooler then Me

So this morning making breakfast with E  I was singing a little tune about making eggs. I really think that I might have a career as one of the singers during commercial breaks on Nick Jr. They sing about anything, and if you come over here you will find that I do this all day long...

'You've got boogers hanging out of your nose, if you don't get a tissue I'm going to hook up the vacuum hose.' It's pretty close to the writing and performing talents of let's say Billy Joel, I don't know, I'm a natural.

But apparently I don't have a fan in my children since on many occasions I am essentially mocking them in my little diddy's. ' She's so sassy, and it makes me mad, if she doesn't stop, I'm going to call up her dad. And he's at work, I don't think he wants to hear it, so when he gets home she's really gonna get it.' And you know I stomp my feet, get a little drum beat going with a plastic stick and you know whatever is handy and go to town.

So fast forward to this morning....'Eggs, Eggs, Eggs, its a good thing they don't have legs. For if they did they would run away, saying you ain't gonna fry me up on this day.'

And just has I am getting a good beat going with the spoon and the mixing bowl and heading into verse two E turns to me and says,
'Please stop.'
M: 'What? It's a good little diddy.'
E: 'Yes, but you not have to sing about eggs Mommy. You sing about everysing.'
M: 'But it's fun, Eggs, Eggs, Eggs, I love to mix up...'
E: 'Mommy, it makes my face hot.'
M: 'Oh so I embarrass you when I sing, it makes your face hot when you feel embarrassed, because it is turning red, that is what our bodies do.'
E: 'I know that Mommy, I learned it on Yo Gabba Gabba.' ( and he makes that noise that is supposed to mean, 'Duuh...you are so dumb)
M: ' Oh, ok I wasn't sure. But you are saying you don't like my singing.'
E: 'It's not cool Mommy.'
M: ' I never promised cool, E.'
E: ' I know, Daddy is pretty cool though.'
M: 'So you are saying that I am not a good singer.'
E: ' Mommy, its going to make you sad.'
M: 'You already said I wasn't cool.'
E: ' Ok, you pinky promise you won't be sad?'
We pinky promise.
E: 'When you are in your own room and I am not, you should practice.'
Creative criticism is the best.
M: 'Ok, but you really think Daddy is cooler then me!?!?!'
E: ' Daddy puts gel in my hair and he is super really strong.'
M: 'Oh, ok then, he is pretty cool.'
E: 'Don't worry Mommy, Daddy is a little bit badder singer then you, but you are really good at holding a baby.'

I'll take it.

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