Final Decision #1

The darling 3 year old child.

Let me tell you a bit about cutting his hair. It is as if we are going to go for the Vincent Van Gogh look and going to chop off his ear. He screams and cries, and spits excess drool from the crying, and snot, the snot flies everywhere. So imagine with me...little tiny pieces of hair being clipped, slobber, snot, tears from large eyes, arms flailing. We have got a child who in the end looks like Harry from Harry and the Hendersons. He is covered in hair. And guess who else is covered in hair? You guessed it, the stylist. He screams...'I am itching, I am itching, I've got boogers, you are holding my head to tight, I've got hair in my mouth, Kendall stop looking at me, Kendall stop rubbing my back, I want my lollipop now, Can't you stop now, I ITCH!!!!!

Sounds like a party, right? I sing in my really awesome opera voice in moments like this; 'Children are awesome, so glad we decided to procreate, I love them, I love them!!!'

Kendall is typically involved. She feels as though adding her two cents will calm him. 'E, it's ok, it will grow back...E I get my haircut all the time, look how pretty I am...E, Daddy is holding your head so tight so it doesn't get cut off...E, here let me rub your back.'

And there is the stylist...'Seriously Ethan if you do not sit still you will be up in your room without your blankie or your mommy for three years.' Imagine the hair length then. Kidding, he doesn't say that, but he thinks about saying it. He is just really firm and really a go getter when he has to get E's hair cut down. Such an over achiever I tell you. I don't know how he does it. He just ignores the hair and snot flying, the opera singing, the soothing repetitive opinions the little girl is making. When I have to clip the boys hair I am typically at the end practically sitting on the kid promising him trips to Disney World and 65 Lollipops just so we can finish.

And it isn't so much the sitting still that sends him over the edge. it is the fear of getting cut. And no matter how many times we tell him he won't get cut, he REFUSES to believe us. And therefore Ethan cannot go to professional hair stylist. Daddy dearest, or Mommy the meanest has to do it, because its a mess. One of my closest friends does Kendall and my hair and I refuse to subject her to his craziness any longer. She says she can handle it. I mean, but really, she is really just saying that because who would want a wet hair snot flinger sobbing child in front of you with hair to cut. It's just not something you do to your good friends, or in public.

Which leads me to the first final decision. Andy and I whole heartedly disagree about the hair. One says just to let it grow out and use some styling product, the other wants to use the number 2 blade and just have at it.

Here are the photos:

Sorry bout the sun, it was such a weird thing to see today that he stood at the door squinting in disbelief as I captured these photos. You can scroll through the blog if you are having a tough time and need to see his hair short.

The Final Decision is yours.

Ethan's Hair
Should it stay or should it go?
Soundtrack to go along with that: 'Should I Stay or Should I Go'  ~The Clash
Sing it while you type, its therapeutic, and skillful.

The Rules: Please only vote once, it gets super confusing if you vote more then that, because I am only counting you once. Please vote in the posting of the comments on my blog, look down, yup right there where it says comment. Please not on facebook because you know, we have to be fair. And it is very easy to post a comment, don't be all crazy like E, buckle up, it's just hair...it's just a comment. Hmmmm...since we have a busy weekend ahead of us, voting will commence sometime late Sunday night, because someone in this house is turning 5, and unfortunately, it ain't me.


  1. My vote: Keep it! Ethan has the best spiky hair when it's a little longer. He looks like a little lady killer.

  2. Does it help if you let him decide how to cut it? I have a son with Aspergers Syndrome and we used to have this same issue...until I let him decide how to get it cut (he sported a mohawk for over a year, but he is much better with haircuts now)

    But my vote is let it grow, why put yourself and him through the stress if it is really that big of a deal to him. He'll eventually get to the point where he will let you cut it without freaking out.