I am fully aware that some ladies I know are popping in here to check to see if I have posted on a certain Pity Party...and my answer to that is:

' I am presently putting on the final touches considering I had to replay the night in my head that occurred with immense amount of fun on a night where I spent a little bit of time with a  Pink Truck and ALOT of sugar and desserts piled and filled with cream, chocolate, cheeses, and so on and so forth. Memory a little scattered.' At this point you can nod your head, and say, 'Oh yes, yes, I completely agree.'

So some things that I have been brewing for the new bloggingness as I get ready to complete the move on Friday, just waiting for some technical issues to be finalized. I make it sound really important, and really I'm not at all. The bottom line is, is that it all could have been taken care of in a matter of like 2 days, but you see there is this little thing I like to call being a Mom that just kind of distracts me.

And so. I know there are readers out there, can you imagine, people read about me and what I have to say? Unheard of. But this to my husband....'they really do sweetie, they really do, and sometimes they even laugh.'  I fully hold true to this opinion, that anyone who reads this and relates to this should just be friends. And if I could fly you all in from all over the states, and the world, we could really have an awesome get together. But you know, I'm not rolling in it like that. Sorry. But it will be a fantastical getaway, someday, maybe. But that isn't going to happen anytime soon, no matter how hard I wish on shooting stars like Kendall likes to do. She wishes for more nail polish, for chocolate under her pillow, for lip gloss...to live in her head sometimes would be just wonderful.

 So in this bond, I think that there should be some interaction. And you know me, it is never simple. It is never like, 'hey tell me a little about yourself, so I can tell everyone else,' its going to require some opinion and some thought, and some pictures to be snapped, and you are going to have to email me.

First Thing:

Not My Mess Mondays

I am looking at it right now. I am sitting in my Living Room surrounded by children and their terrible mess. I mean its random, it's from all over the house, the playroom, under their beds, the dentist yesterday, their closets. There is Valentine Lollipop wrappers, and tissues that wiped snot while playing Memory. And a dog walking in circles sniffing for scraps. And a sweet little baby, who crawls now, sitting in the middle with the biggest grin, because its awesome to have access to all this. And then I ask, 'Who's mess is this?'
'Not mine.'
'Not mine, either.'
And by default, who's mess is it? No matter if you make them clean it up. Take out some key words in that phrase...'you' and then 'make them.' It really is 'Not my mess,' but see no one cares, because when it boils down , it is. And it isn't just the children is it? That is just the lovliness of it. If it is under your roof,  it is your mess, and that just honestly sucks. So let's just make some fun out of it, a healthy challenge, a relatable moment throughout your day. When 4 pm hits and everyone all together is cleaning up something, that is, 'Not My Mess,' we will know that we are not alone, and that there is someone else grumbling under their breath and repeating over and over and over and over and over, 'Pick it up...NOW!' I apologize for seeming like I am leaving the men out of this little game. I mean if you want to, and you clean things that are not your mess, by all means.

So throughout the week, let's find some fun in the mundane. I want you to capture some photos of a mess that isn't yours, but will be yours,and send it to me.Some of you post them on facebook and they are so funny to me, so send it here too. It doesn't even have to have an explanation, because let's face it, some don't. On Mondays, I will post the messes, eventually, if we get it going, I would like to have a little vote going on the worst mess. But let's just keep it simple for now.

Email me a mess that is not yours at: melissafink216@gmail.com
Just attach a pic. Once I get this rolling, and get a good enough response, I will post. I will need your pics by by Sunday Night 10 p.m., to be on for that week. Get it? Got it? Good. Remember Sam Goody? He's got it.


And now the second thing I will be doing over here in our new home.

Your Final Decision.

Do you have those times in your life where it is the simple decisions that just become disagreed upon more than the major decisions? I think that is normal in a healthy family. They just seem silly, but there are disagreements with your significant other or your children over things that it really doesn't matter which way it goes, but the bottom line is, is that you disagree on how it should? Did that make sense? Like the color of bedroom walls; there is 2 colors, maybe even just 2 shades, but one cannot be agreed upon. And it isn't an argument, a decision just cannot be made.Or who should room with who, what you should serve for the dinner party, 2 books and lights out or 30 minutes free reading and then lights out? I am not talking MAJOR decisions, like whether we should drop everything and become missionaries in Zimbabwe, or even medium ones, but those simple ones. I am not about getting that personal here. So I have decided to get your opinions, and majority rules. Of course I will clear what it will be that you will be making a decision on with my darling husband or child. But sometimes it's those simple things that really require mediation to just make the final decision. Chocolate or Vanilla Cupcakes?

What I am asking you to do with these posts, is to post in the comment section your decision, and even if we get one response, that is the decision that will be made. I mean, I am really trying to keep the peace. Like should Ethan's room, before we move Jake into it, be painted a lime greeny color even if it is already a light shade of yellow that matches? Andy will balk, until a decision goes his way, but this would make life easier. And I preface that there will be no suggestions of sides or who's opinion is who's, so that there is not favorites. Ok, babe? It isn't going to be weekly, just random, and it will be entitled, 'Your Final Decision.'

And so that is what is up here. It's Wintertime, we need to spice some things up. The snow is not melting, face the facts. This should keep us busy for 5 minutes.

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  1. Well done Mel! I love the new digs... a lot cheaper than re-doing your living room too. Can't wait to vote on lime green paint.