7 Years!

Yesterday my lover and I brought in 7 complete years of marriage. How do you celebrate 7 years with two toddlers? Simply, unless you have an extensive escape plan, you don't.

As I looked around yesterday I saw the toys, the fat cat, and the carpet with the stains I loathe. Listening I heard the washer going, Kendall singing one of her made up songs, E crying about something gone wrong, and Laurie Berkner singing about some Shady Tree that I would have liked to go to. I walked over to my hubby, sticking to the hard wood floors as I went due to the spilled apple juice from sippy cups that failed to keep their promises and gave him a big fat kiss. Because this is 7 years and what better way to celebrate then be in the midst of what has been accumulated over 7 years?

Because had we gone out or away we would have wondered how and what the kids were doing the entire time. This is our life right now and I couldn't be more content.

We celebrated with pizza from our favorite pizza place up here and we played with our kids, and to me that is an anniversary, doing what you like to do best with the family we have built in the past 7 years.

So to my best friend...

I thank you for 7+ years. I thank you for taking care of me, our family, and sacrificing for us on a daily basis. I admire your strength, your integrity, and your unconditional love for me. I thank you for your faithfulness, your trust, and your heart. I love you more and more. And as for a seven year itch, the only itch I have is from the mosquitoes that decided to have dinner on my ankles the other night!

You're in my heart, you're in my soul
You'll be my breath should i grow old
You are my lover, you're my best friend
You're in my soul

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